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Field Trip :: A Spa Party at Hiatus

January 23rd, 2014

Can you guys believe that there’s only a week left in January? It feels like the first month of 2014 completely flew by, and I would guess that somewhere around this time is when the enthusiasm for our New Years resolutions begins to slowly fizzle out. In an effort to keep the fire burning and continue focusing on bettering ourselves, we took a field trip to Hiatus Spa + Retreat. What is it about spas? Just the mere thought of walking into one makes my head feel light and toes tingle… there’s simply no better way to spoil your mind and body, and our visit to Hiatus was no exception. But rather than a 60-minute massage or rejuvenating facial, the gracious and knowledgable team there invited us over to learn how to de-stress at home and at work. As one of our instructors, Mason, told us, “In the same way that the little things in our everyday lives build up to create stress, it’s little pleasures throughout our lives that alleviate it.” Click through Kate’s photos for all the ooh’s and aah’s, and relaxation-inducing tips from the day…

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  1. Jessica Rose says:

    I know…why are the days flying past as …what is happening?? ;(

  2. Heather says:

    Camille where is your hoodie from? It looks so comfy : )

  3. Jan Heaton says:

    I always look forward to my Hiatus Spa + Retreat visits. The perfect retreat on a cold day. I must book an appointment today!

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