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Transformed :: Sawhorse Table

October 18th, 2012

Inspiration for a DIY sawhorse dinner table | Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles

Happy Thursday everyone, Claire here with my latest project dilemma. One of the many influences my job as an interior designer has had on my personal life is my constant desire to change and rearrange my own humble abode. I spend so much time creating spaces for others that it’s not unusual to find me pushing around the furniture in my own home until I am satisfied with the new arrangement… which is exactly what this past Sunday looked like. And all my rearranging left me with the desire to change my formal dining room into a more flexible dining/workspace for myself and my roomie Chanel. As I began looking into the type of table I should make, research revealed so many options that indecisiveness quickly set in! I’d love to hear from all of you: Which of these tables would you like to see me make into a work table/dining table? Pitch in your thoughts and ideas, and stay tuned for the reveal in two weeks!

Inspiration for a DIY sawhorse dinner table | Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles

Inspiration for a DIY sawhorse dinner table | Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles

*images: west elm; room of karma via northern lightidha lindhag for elle interior via la maison d’Anna G

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40 Comments under :: Transformed :: Sawhorse Table
  1. Yelle says:

    Love these tables! I adore repurposing great pieces.

  2. Michele says:

    Table 1!!

  3. Kortni says:

    Table 3:) I can’t wait to see this.

  4. Katie says:

    Love the middle/second one!

  5. Samira says:

    lovely!! love the second desk!

  6. Kate says:

    I vote for number 1.

  7. Chris Perez says:

    Totally the first one, because it’s collapsible and you can pack it up and fold it down when not in use.

    And because I’ve thought about purchasing that particular one myself – may have even had it in the cart before getting button shy.

  8. Jess Simpson says:

    Number two! Number two! ….or the third one! But the first one is nice, too. I love them all…I’m no help.

  9. Babette says:

    Decisions, decisions….red really is cute but have to go with #3. Will be watching for your creation!

  10. Gail says:

    I like all of them but #3 is my favorite. I’ve enjoyed seeing all your ideas.You do very good work

  11. Grandma Betty says:

    I like #2

  12. Mehgan Teherani says:

    Love #2!!

  13. Leslie says:

    Table #3 Please!

  14. Maggie Pearson says:

    Great job, Claire

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  16. Nadia V. says:

    It so happens that I am right now in a similar project. I have an old boring cheap home-office and I want to transform it to a dining table/work area with sawhorse trestles. I am more for No1 (I like bold colors) but I am not yet sure for the exact color combination. Red (also yellow) is so used nowadays. Perhaps stimulating violet?

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  18. Jessica says:

    I am wondering where you got the desk? It’s so great!

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