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September 22nd, 2012

For the Love of Pie, Kimberley Hasselbrink | Camille Styles

Happy Saturday, everyone! And a much needed Saturday, it is. I (Chanel) have been in and out of town so much lately that it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve had a normal weekend spent at home. And between travels, our site redesign, and planning for more photo shoots than I can keep track of, there’s been an ever growing personal to-do list that’s totally escaped me — first up: a pedicure is seriously in order. Then it’s time to do some housekeeping before I’m whisked away for a girls’ night out with some out-of-town visitors. Would love to know what you all have on the agenda, and of course, enjoy a few of my favorite links from the week!

Love the simple, gorgeous details from this winery wedding.

Nothing can be more right than a conversation between GP and DVF. 

Please, sir, I want some more.

The coolest chicks, in their way cool workspace.

For the love of pie.

Austin’s most loved coffee shop.

This Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal shower gets my vote for “Best Photo Booth”.

 *and a few things you may have missed…

Many will enter, one outrageously lucky reader will win.

Our new digs! 

Keeping it campus cool.

*photo by Kimberley Hasselbrink

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3 Comments under :: Weekend Notes
  1. I agree its a well deserved Saturday. Its cool here in Detroit, MI, I am talking sweater weather. I am heading out to the Cider Mill today for a few donuts and hot apple cider. I won’t leave behind a bag of crisp apples either. Enjoy your day!

  2. Nikki says:

    I just wanted to share ( I know that I am just an opinion of 1), but I really do not like the new blog format. It is very cluttered and cumbersome… Having to click an extra time to review a post, rather than just having it available on the first page and be able to scroll through it. There are also too many visual distractions/noise with the changing images in each post summary. I will probably be visiting a lot less, if at all as a result. But wish you the best, it must appeal to a lot more people than it doesnt!

    • Camille Styles says:

      Hi Nikki – thanks for your feedback… I really do want to hear what everyone thinks of the new look since it’s so different! I’m sorry you’re less-than-thrilled with the changes. As a matter of fact, our old site actually required readers to click into the post to fully read it, too – we’ve always provided only previews on the homepage so that readers can pick and choose which posts they’re most interested in and immediately be able to see a lot more options without having to scroll and scroll. And keep in mind that if all you want is a straightforward feed of the newest content, feel free to just ignore the top portion of the homepage and head straight to what’s underneath the “Latest” header to see all the new posts in one place! I certainly hope you stick around and keep reading! xx

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