Monochromatic Monday :: Indian Summer

Indian Summer Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

There’s just something so poignant and bittersweet about this time of year, isn’t there? Jenn here, having a hard time believing that another summer has come and gone. Something about the season changing… reminds us of all our seasons past. School is back in session now, and I plan on taking a few last quiet dips at Barton Springs during the weekdays while the weather is still hot. My board was inspired by the photo on the top left of a young Grace Kelly, taken by Howell Conant in 1955 on the coast of Jamaica. Isn’t it amazing how modern and beautiful this photo is still today? I hope that you all enjoy these last days of summer, and are looking forward to the excitement of fall ahead.

*images {row 1: howell conant via rachel robbins pinterest, via planete deco} {row 2: via the emporium, michael graydon via remodelista, oddur thorisson via manger} {row 3: via piccsy, via the meet cute, oscar falk for gant} {row 4: david hamilton, via keep it chic}

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12 Responses to “Monochromatic Monday :: Indian Summer”

  1. Stephanie @ Henry Happened

    I love the colors this time of the year… they too bear that bittersweet transitional feel. Your moodboard is terrific.

    • Jennifer Rose Smith

      Thanks, Stephanie. I love these golden, sun-soaked colors too.

  2. Allie Shultz

    This is my favorite summer inspiration board yet. It’s making me miss the season already.

    • Jennifer Rose Smith

      Thank you, Allie!

  3. Katie @ Lovebird Productions

    I feel like summer has come and gone so quickly too! I also find myself wishing for fall but this inspiration board reminds me to hold on to the last warm(er) days a bit longer. Pretty inspiration :)

  4. Lindsay {LCVintage}

    It’s always a little sad this time of year, but Fall is my favorite season!

  5. Rox

    fabulous board- I’m digging the whole vibe of those colors/imagery!


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