Bring it Home :: Picnic on the Beach


When the sun is shining, I (Cristina) prefer to eat my meals al fresco…preferably with a view. So for this edition of Bring it Home, we’re packing it up and moving our interior inspiration to the beach! While Austin isn’t technically a coastal town, we’re blessed with our fair share of watering holes, and summer just isn’t complete until I’ve packed a picnic and enjoyed it near one of them. In honor of Picnic Week, I’ve gathered the prettiest picnicking supplies I could find – printed plastic spoons, a portable cheese board, vintage food tins – and I’m ready for a day in the sun. Keep reading for my picks…

 *images: photographs by Mikkel Vang, 1. rugs 2. vintage stacking bowls 3. sunglasses 4. net plate cover zenDeluxe 5. portable cheeseboard 6. picnic blanket 7. melamine plate 8. printed spoons 9. hat 10. nuts in honey 11. glass bottle 12. cushions


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9 Responses to “Bring it Home :: Picnic on the Beach”

  1. Claire Owens

    OMG, I am dying for all of this… starting with the VW bus! I love that they’re coming back, and with such style! :) LOVES.

  2. Kayla

    Is the blue striped bag in the first picture a cooler? Where is it from?

  3. Kayla

    Oh great! Thanks Cristina.

  4. Debra

    Love love love all of those! :D


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