Camille Styles

Summer Sunday

May 27th, 2012


If these fun-loving images by lifestyle photographer Paul Costello don’t make you want to kick off your shoes and do a little “celebrate summer” dance, well… I don’t know what will. Chilled-out poolside get-togethers, croquet on the lawn and a little glamping sounds exactly what I want my summer to look like. Hope you’re all getting a little taste of such a carefree spirit this memorial day weekend!






*images: Paul Costello

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5 Comments under :: Summer Sunday
  1. These photos are perfect! I feel like the song “We are Young” by Fun should be playing in the background ha.

  2. Will says:

    I love these shots, they warm my soul through the screen I’m sure!

  3. Dawna jones says:

    I love summer for that and all the memories that come with it.

  4. Karin says:

    Great shots. They all radiate so much fun and joy. Lovely!

  5. Debra Kapellakis says:

    I want to be a part of the last photo, most of all! aaa hhh…

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