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The Iconic Hostess :: Maria von Trapp

July 27th, 2012

Maria Von Trapp picnic inspiration summer party

Hello friends! Ana here, excited to bring you another party inspired by a truly iconic hostess. For this week’s post, I thought none other than Maria von Trapp, world’s greatest governess, would be the most wonderful picnic hostess. Being the adventurous outdoor lover she is, I imagine Maria is most at ease when she’s nestled among the Austrian hills with her adorable brood in their clothing made of curtains singing do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do!  This week’s party is all about laid back outdoor leisure with a hint of eastern European influence—the ideal tribute to our song-singing, curtain-sewing, utterly charming Maria. 

The Drink: I love Lorina lemonade—the big stylish glass bottles, the festive carbonation and the vintage-feeling top. If you’re bringing along children, like Maria would, this is a must-pack for a special treat that will make them feel all grown up. If you’re having an adult party, bring along some Austrian or German brews. HefeWeizen is one of my favorite German beers, perfectly refreshing for summer. If you’re in Austin, check out Live Oak’s version.

The Food: Big baked pretzels, grainy mustard, sausage and cheese would make a great no-cook picnic and stick perfectly with our eastern European theme. Seasonal fruit makes a delicious and light midday dessert.

The Entertainment: If you’re so inclined, this is the perfect time to break out the guitar! If live performances aren’t your thing, have no fear; the food, the outdoors and the pleasant conversation should give everyone enough to do. Bring along a Frisbee if you’re in an open field or swimsuits and towels if you’re close to a watering hole.

And Why Not…

  •  Make the pretzels yourself! Here’s a great recipe. If you’re a mustard lover, bring along several types for everyone to try—from grainy to spicy and everything in between.
  • Pack along a few pillows for a post-picnic nap (is there anything more blissful?)
  • Use this time outdoors as an excuse to nail down your flower crown making skills.

*images: buttercups 1. Dress 2. Guitar and sheet music 3. Still shot of Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music 4. Dress made of curtains 5. Comfy blanket 6. Pretzel 7. Picnic basket 8. Glass 9. Lemonade

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5 Comments under :: The Iconic Hostess :: Maria von Trapp
  1. linda matta says:

    i had to laugh when i saw son works at the trapp family resort,and when he started i keep singing the sound of music to him and he had no idea what i was doing,lol

  2. Natasha says:

    Love this board! Made me very happy just to think of ‘The Sound of Music’! And a picnic with so many kiddos–wow!!!

  3. Debra says:

    OH, yes, please!

  4. dandychic says:

    i like the limonad lorina

  5. Alannah says:

    My parents were post war immigrants and your summer “Maria Von Trapp” picnic choices perfectly reflect my childhood memories. Dad’s guitar is my most prized possession of his, a reminder of a good man’s musical talents and love for his family and friends. Thank you!

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