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10 Best :: Pastel Pieces for Spring

Lavender, periwinkle, mint, blush…you know the shades. Those yummy sorbet colors are oh-so-sweet and seem to be everywhere this time of year. Today’s round-up was first inspired by these obsession-worthy platform sandals, but further research concluded that just about any pastel-colored clothing and accessories are virtually irresistible. Click through for 10 of our favorites, and… read more

10 Best :: Sneakers

While my spring shopping list is rife with the usual bikinis, cover-ups and cut off shorts, there’s one item that seems to be the official must-have accessory of the season. Before now, sneakers were stigmatized as ugly, utilitarian footwear, but the sartorial scene is suddenly singing a different tune! I’ve got my eyes on more… read more

Bring it Home :: A Home Full of Stories

Unhung art leaning on the walls, stacks of books with dog-eared pages—to me, these details are what make a home look lived in and full of stories (literally). I love to imagine living in an all-white apartment with not a thing out of place (ok, I want to be Olivia Pope), but let’s get real.… read more

Bring it Home:: If Your House Were A Person

Do you ever watch design shows in which the designer’s first task is to identify the homeowner’s personal taste? The wife will proclaim “I love bold reds and leopard” and the husband says “I can only live with neutrals” and chaos ensues from there. Often people use colors, places, or time periods to describe their… read more

A Giveaway A Day :: Anthropologie

  *Update: entry for this giveaway has now closed and winners have been selected. Thanks for playing, and stay tuned for more fun giveaways! Another day, another giveaway… and to be completely honest, if there was one prize this week that I could choose to take home myself, this would totally be it. Today’s loot:… read more

Come & Craft with Us!

We’re so excited to be resuming our holiday craft night with Anthropologie this season! Last year’s Austin event was such a blast (remember those evergreen monograms?) and this year, the team and I have cooked up a creative way to make your gift wrapping loads more fun and eco-friendly, too. These little boxes are so chic,… read more

Pulling It Off :: The Leather Skirt

Happy almost-fall, readers! This week I’m excited to talk about my favorite fall trend for 2013: leather skirts (or vegan leather, as we used). For this month’s Pulling it Off, I’m showing you two darling, different ways to work one of these versatile pieces into your fall wardrobe, and I promise it will become a new… read more

A Pinot Gris-Inspired Summer Soirée

Have you been on a tropical vacation this year… maybe somewhere in the Caribbean, Mexico, or even as far as Costa Rica? If you have, it goes without saying: I’m jealous. But, that’s not to say that those of us at home need to be deprived of summer celebrations. Between the al fresco dinners and… read more

Weekend Notes

Morning you guys — happy weekend! Do y’all go through phases where you feel more inspired than usual…when you just can’t get enough of new ideas, novel projects and things of beauty? The last few days have been like that for me. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed a bit of a… read more

Weekend Notes

Aren’t you glad it’s the weekend? I, for one, am more than ready for a slightly slower pace today…time to sleep in, have brunch at my parent’s, do some organization projects, bake this cake, and just generally take a breather from the SXSW madness. Especially since I’ll be thrown right back into it tomorrow –… read more