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Bring It Home :: Charmed, I’m Sure

Cristina here, and I just moved into a new place where the bathroom is yet to be updated… and while it’s not what I would have chosen, I’m trying (so hard!) to appreciate the beauty in its pink and black 1950′s tiles. A few cracks in the wall, less than perfect grout, a missing tile or two —… read more

Entertaining With :: Holli & Moses Thompson

Chelsea here, with a very special Entertaining with… all the way from the Virginia countryside. Two weeks ago I was welcomed into Holli and Moses Thompson’s fascinating historical home to photograph recipes and ingredients for Holli’s business, Nutritional Style. During my stay, in between snapping delicious food photos for her website, we captured a profile of their signature entertaining style as… read more

Byrd Collective :: Georgia On My Mind

There is just no place quite like downtown Savannah, GA… the old historic homes with secret gardens in hidden courtyards, the inviting squares full of children playing and students creating, and Forsyth Park, in all its splendor. I (Ashley) had just returned from a wonderfully inspirational trip to Savannah when the lovely Ana of Grown Up… read more

Featured Artist :: Saltlabs

Around this time last year, one of my best friends packed up and moved to Chicago. From the moment she delivered the news of her relocation, I racked my brain tirelessly to think up the perfect going-away gift for her… something that would remind her of home in Texas, but wouldn’t clutter her new life.… read more

Bring it Home:: Exotic Entryway

We all have that area in the house that’s lacking in decor… it might be an entryway, a nook or an entire wall that fails to inspire. So if you’re like me (Cristina), and have resolved to finally tackle the project, I thought we could start the week with a little inspiration to give us a jump… read more

The Antiquarian Post

Remember our minor freak-out over Antiquaria back in March? Well, we’ve kept our dials keenly tuned in to the dynamic duo, and since then they haven’t slowed down for a minute. To add to their list of trades (like vintage bridal registries, china pattern coordination, and custom stationery design), the gals have now published two… read more