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Entertaining With :: Lila and Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy and Lila Stewart started their journey together in Indonesia, helping children in need through documentary film production and orphanage volunteer work, respectively. When they moved back to the U.S., it was only natural that their pursuit of bettering the lives of children continued, this time on their home turf. Enter Hari Mari, a flip-flop… read more

The Super Foodie :: Miso Glazed Eggplant

When I spotted these tiny eggplants at the farmer’s market, I just knew I had to have them at my next dinner table! Roasted with a sweet miso glaze, they’re as tasty as they are adorable. I prefer chickpea miso but if you can’t find it, a sweet yellow miso will work as well! In… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Eggplant & Shiitakes with Soy

This recipe is really all about the dressing, which turns just about any humble vegetable into a showstopping, entertaining-worthy dish (so far, I’ve tried on asparagus and sugar snap peas in addition to this concoction, and they’ve all been transportive.) I adapted the dressing from an asparagus & portobello salad in Gwyneth’s new cookbook, and… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Thai Steak + Noodles

I’ve been dying to share this recipe with you guys for a while… but my problem was that every time I made it for dinner, Adam and I were so excited to dive in that we couldn’t wait for photographs. So, last night we practiced a little self-control and I snapped some quick images of… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Just Peachy Spring Rolls

It’s Jess, and this week I’m back with a savory dish that I hope will bring you the perfect bite… perhaps for tonight’s dinner?  With the summer months flying past us, I’m cherishing all that summer has to offer and taking extra time to soak in the sun and gobble up fresh summer fruits. At… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Peanut-y Noodles

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to tweet that I was devouring a bowl of szechuan noodles with peanut sauce…and have since been inundated with readers requesting the recipe. So, here goes! This is one that I totally ad-libbed based on the contents of my fridge, and luckily, the end result was so good,… read more

Recipe for Tao of Groove

Who says November celebrations must be all about falling leaves & turkey? Today’s party menu includes bright Asian flavors & a modern color palette…all the makings for a refreshing spin on the fall cocktail party. If you haven’t already checked out today’s guest post over at coco+kelley, hurry over to get the context for our Tao of Groove… read more

Can't get it off my mind…

Just added to my inspiration files: A festive table set for a party, in an amazingly fresh color palette of lilac & red. It’s modern, girly, & Asian-inspired all at once, and I LOVE discovering a gorgeous color combination that I might not have thought to put together. Possible inspiration for a Chinese New Year… read more