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Bottoms Up :: Berry Rum Smash

Why do girly drinks get such a bad rap? I do my best to order no-frills cocktails at the bar, but every now and then nothing tastes better than berries and sugar and flowers in a glass (and even some the manliest men I know would agree!). Today’s cocktail is something of a cross between… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Berry Brown Sugar Cake

Camille may be en route to Disney World (is anyone else the teeniest bit jealous?), but we’ve got a little magic of our own in the works with today’s Perfect Bite. Jess here, and this recipe is inspired by the fresh seasonal fruits popping up at the farmer’s market in recent weeks. Best of all,… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Berry Bramble

After a series of inspiration boards in sophisticated shades like amethyst & ivy, I was so in the mood for something unabashedly girly. Today’s color palette of dark berry & pink is a study in unfussy elegance. Equally perfect for a vibrant spring wedding or a relaxed lunch on the lawn, with a berry motif… read more