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Weekend Notes (And the sweetest eggs!)

Happy Easter weekend, darlings… does it feel like spring where all of you are? I’m looking forward to a couple days of soaking up the sunshine, working in the garden, taking lots of photos of Phoebe in her Easter dress… and of course, eating way too much pastel-colored candy. Speaking of treats, I was so… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Almond & Lemon Baby Cakes

Remember back in April when I shared that I’d finally attempted my lifelong dream of having a Meyer lemon tree in the backyard? Well, after months of (impatient) waiting and watching the green lemons getting bigger and bigger… they’re finally ready for harvest! I’m a major lemon fan and love using it in unexpected ways… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Berry Brown Sugar Cake

Camille may be en route to Disney World (is anyone else the teeniest bit jealous?), but we’ve got a little magic of our own in the works with today’s Perfect Bite. Jess here, and this recipe is inspired by the fresh seasonal fruits popping up at the farmer’s market in recent weeks. Best of all,… read more

My Kind of Cheesecake

Those closest to me know that I am a die-hard lover of cheese, through and through. So, you can imagine my jaw hitting the floor when I came across this ever-so-literal cheese cake at an unbelievable wedding on Snippet & Ink (the happy couple even provided guests will small jute bags to fill with cheese… read more

Go for the Gold

How amazing are these photo’s of a gilded anniversary party… or better yet, how incredible is that cake?! We stumbled upon these snapshots by Leo Patrone on Oh Happy Day a few weeks ago, and haven’t been able to get them out of our heads since. There’s absolutely nothing like a clean white palette with… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Nine Cakes

Today’s installment of our beloved weekly Tuesday Tastings series is far from an original recipe. While I wish I had created the decadent perfection pictured above, I’ve got to hand all credit over to the geniuses at Nine Cakes. We caught wind of the Brooklyn-based cake studio last week, and haven’t been able to get… read more

Man’s Best Friend

Nothing compares to the companionship of a pet. And so when a good friend lost his pup, Tuffy, we decided to throw him a small get-together to help lift his spirits. Of course a cake was absolutely necessary, and in this case needed to be vegan-friendly & gluten-free. For the final touch we crafted a… read more

{DIY} Fringed Cake Stand

When I set out to concept the perfect festive element for an upcoming fiesta-themed birthday bash, my rationale was simple: a cake makes a party, and a cake stand makes a cake! With this in mind we designed a cheerful and eye-catching 10″ cake stand made simply using a hat box and assorted ribbon &… read more

Weekend Notes

Happy weekend! My parents are visiting from out of town, so I’m looking forward to some quality family time, soaking up the gorgeous Austin weather and perhaps a little barbeque thrown in. Hopefully the hubs and I will get a jump start on packing, since our moving day is quickly approaching (2 weeks!)  I can’t… read more

Fun Lovin’

Have you ever stopped and really watched kids at a birthday party as they run around, pop balloons, toss confetti and stuff their faces with birthday cake? Sometimes we could all stand to learn a lesson from the junior set about letting loose and having fun… And fun is exactly the word that comes to… read more