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Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re parade-watching, eagerly waiting for the timer to ding in the kitchen, or in between buffet visits… Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is soaking up some valuable r&r with your loved ones and enjoying delicious food. For some last minute inspiration, check out Slim Paley‘s totally unique spin on an autumn table she set at… read more

Loopy Lighting

These eccentric candlesticks are a trend we are absolutely loving… can you imagine the effect they would have as the centerpiece of any fall table? Asymmetric, serpentine, and upturned designs are all fair game! My personal favorite is Black + Blum’s Loop Gold Candelabra, which can be used individually or connected to create a twisted… read more

Amber Waves

After a quick jaunt to West Elm to stock up on a few fall entertaining goodies yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about their rustic-chic store displays incorporating little tree stumps on the tables (yes I asked, and no, the stumps are not for sale.) When I got home, I found an envelope from my mom… read more

I Love Paris in the Springtime

My favorite thing about Paris is its magical ability to transform even the mundane into something truly romantic, so I can’t imagine a more fitting place for a wildly gorgeous, over-the-top wedding…set at a seventeenth-century French chateau, no less! This fabulous fete for New York stylist Kelly d’Halluin included cocktails in the garden & a… read more

Camille Does Thanksgiving {Flowers}

I’ve noticed tons of great ideas for holiday table centerpieces using berries, leaves, gourds, & pumpkins, and while I love the idea of including these fall motifs, I just have to use a few gorgeous blooms to adorn my Thanksgiving table!  I’m envisioning a limited color palette for simplicity, and since this divine ‘pumpkin’ tablecloth will… read more

Party Inspiration: Capri Island, Pt. II

Today we’re channeling Sophia Loren and capturing the effortless glamour of the the Italians on holiday, in our current party series inspired by Capri Island.  In our last post we talked invitations and color palette (ocean blues, lemon yellows, herbal greens.)  We now turn to decor:… read more

A Festive Easter Table

Symbolizing rebirth and renewal, Easter announces the arrival of Spring. It’s also the perfect opportunity to create a bright and beautiful table setting as the backdrop to the holiday meal. A few refreshing ideas: The sheer volume of tulips in this centerpiece make a dramatic statement. Maintain a palette of pinks, whites, and creams through… read more