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Bring It Home :: Choosing Favorites

I (Cristina) was talking with a friend recently about the challenges of choosing a color palette when you’re sharing a space. Whether you’re cohabiting with friends, a significant other or your whole family, it can be quite the feat to design a space that will please everyone. My advice? When in doubt, choose blue. Forty percent… read more

DIY :: Beaded Summer Skewers

There’s no arguing the fact that when it comes to stylish entertaining, the smallest details can make a big impact. At our Cinco de Mayo fiesta last week, guests kept oohing and aahing over the fun, festive skewers we used to serve fresh watermelon with feta cheese. And I’ve got to admit, there’s no better… read more

Transformed :: End of Story

One of my favorite parts of personalizing my home is dressing my shelves with knick knacks and beautiful books. A carefully curated shelf can be a work of art in itself, telling stories of travels, interests and aspirations. And what better way to finish off a bookshelf than with substantial bookends? As I began to… read more

Bring it Home :: Design Your Day

Not only does the design of your office space affect the way you feel and function, studies show that your desk affects the way your colleagues see you too! A personalized space says you’re not going anywhere soon, and an organized desk says you’re on top of things… so what does your desk say about… read more

Bring it Home :: Sartorial Spaces

This year, February 14th has two special meanings. One’s obvious, and the other is the final day of New York Fashion Week! Which are YOU more excited for? Cristina here, and I’ll give you one guess which one’s got my heart. If you love fashion as much as I do then it really is a shame keep… read more

Mark & Graham Challenge :: A Crimson Holiday

Narrowing down the palette for my holiday table is always a bit of a conundrum: I adore a crisp, snowy white look… but then again, nothing’s cozier than tartan plaid… and I’m always a sucker for an evergreen palette that lets me incorporate lots of classic boxwood. Which is why it’s so fun to get… read more

The Thanksgiving Table :: The Nouveau Romantics

Hard to believe that in one short week, the grocery shopping and menu planning will be complete and it’ll be time to gather round the table and enjoy one of the best meals of the year. If (like me) you’re still gathering inspiration for Thanksgiving table decor, feast your eyes on these breathtaking florals from… read more

Bring it Home :: Get in the Mood

Are you all in the mood for Halloween yet? Costumes purchased and doorsteps decorated? Me neither… For those of us still searching for last-minute inspiration, I (Cristina) have just the thing to get you in the mood. You may be familiar with washi tape already in all of its neon colors and pretty patterns, but… read more

Transformed :: Bedroom Walls

New seasons bring so many changes, and in recent weeks I (Claire) have had quite the exciting change in my life: Chanel is my new roommate! She moved in at the beginning of August and as you can imagine, both our DIY minds under one roof have resulted in endless project possibilities. First up? Filling the blank… read more

Bring it Home :: Pattern Play

I (Cristina) am always impressed when stylish ladies manage to pull off mixing several prints into one unexpected outfit. They’re often patterns and colors that I would never think of putting together, and the resulting looks are totally unique and playful. The same can be said for interiors when choosing pillows, rugs, and window fittings.… read more