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Desert Romance Bridal Shower

Don’t get me wrong: I love girly. I adore lace, the color pink, jewels, frosting and peonies. But I think that all those feminine notions are way more interesting when juxtaposed with something a little more organic, don’t you? When we got the chance to collaborate on a romantic-themed bridal shower with the team at… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Palm Springs

Warm weather has arrived here in Austin, and I find myself craving a little getaway where I can don a bikini and sip mai tai’s by a pool. Perhaps that’s why I’m relishing the opportunity to plan a Palm Springs-inspired book launch bash for one of my fave clients this month, complete with midcentury geometric… read more


With the 14th just days away, it’s official: Cupid’s got his arrows pointed with a clean shot straight for us (was it not obvious with all the pink & the roses we keep raving about?) We’re especially loving this idea of a simple yet totally original Potato Doughnuts Cake with rosewater icing. What a perfect… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Succulents

Today’s color board is inspired by the organic, contemporary look that so many of my stylish clients are craving for weddings and parties. Succulents have taken a starring role in modern floral design for the last couple of seasons…and they’re not leaving any time soon. For this palette, I used the gorgeous centerpiece in the… read more