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Bring It Home :: Summer Villa

Cristina here, and there’s just no hiding it: I  am suffering from a major case of wanderlust. It all started in Capri, and this Aegean spread didn’t help either. All it took was one look at this villa in Mallorca and my mind was on sun-drenched summers with a wide brimmed hat and a glass of sangria in hand.… read more

Bring It Home :: California Dreaming

Palm trees, Skittle-colored hotels and sundrenched festival goers have taken over my Instagram feed, and I (Cristina) am totally feeling the Coachella envy. It’s enough to make a girl want to don a fringed kimono and hop the next plane to Cali! Or take a cue from Bri Emery’s LA pad and create a happy… read more

Bring it Home :: A Fresh Start

I (Cristina) find the renewed resolve of the new year to be very energizing… precisely the type of energy that can fuel us through a project, like a new coat of paint or even rearranging the furniture. When it comes to the domestic to-do list, decor is so often placed on hold in favor of… read more

Bring it Home :: Decked Out Dining

I (Cristina) have always dreamed of having a library in my home, complete with floor-to-ceiling bookcases, warm and luxurious seating, and a rolling ladder (I blame it on Beauty and the Beast). And though I haven’t quite made it there, I’m finding that the inspiration in this room is delightfully within reach for those of… read more

Do You Dare :: Worldly Walls

Michelle here, and I’m so excited to be one of the two newest additions to the Camille Styles Team (have you met Coco?). Welcome to the first installment of Do You Dare, where I’ll be shedding some light on the edgiest trends of the moment, and asking you all for your expert opinions on the matter. First… read more

Bring it Home :: Mid-Century Romance

Cristina, here! And with so much love in the air, It’s no wonder I’m finding myself attracted to everything pink, red, and any combination of the two. So when I found this dining room I was swooning, to say the least… Mid-Century modern dining chairs in candy colors will have any design buff’s heart aflutter. Top… read more

Transformed :: A Wine Rack DIY

Happy November! Since we’re all still dealing with costume and candy withdrawals, I (Claire) am dreaming up concepts for my next DIY to remind us that seasonal festivities are really just beginning. Since the upcoming holiday entertaining always calls for an abundance of wine, I thought… what better way to display a collection than with a… read more