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Transformed :: Pallet Turned Dog Bed

Claire here, and two weeks ago I asked for your opinions on which dog bed I should make for Monte. Although I was definitely drawn to the bright fun pattern of option 1, I had to remind myself that Monte is rather large and energetic, so I needed to make a bed that could stand… read more

Transformed :: A Suitcase

Hi there! Claire here, to bring you our latest before-and-after of…a pet bed! Two weeks ago, I polled you guys on which pet bed (out of 3 choices) I should create for my next DIY post. Thanks to your wonderful comments and ideas, I decided to create a combination of bed #1 and bed #3! Although Monte wanted… read more

Transformed :: Pet Project

Hi everyone, Claire here! Since you were all so helpful in giving me your opinions on my headboard project, thought I’d reach out to you once again to talk… pet beds! Thanks to my pets’ constant appearances in my posts, you may have noticed that animals tend to rule the roost at my house. Unfortunately, their store-bought beds typically… read more

Man’s Best Friend

Nothing compares to the companionship of a pet. And so when a good friend lost his pup, Tuffy, we decided to throw him a small get-together to help lift his spirits. Of course a cake was absolutely necessary, and in this case needed to be vegan-friendly & gluten-free. For the final touch we crafted a… read more