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10 Best :: Etsy Home Shops

It’s a big, scary world out there… or, on Etsy, at least. Do you guys ever get majorly overwhelmed by just how many Etsy shops there are? I love supporting independent artists and I know that Etsy is the number 1 destination for unique, beautiful housewares and accessories, but sometimes filtering through the mass of… read more

Featured Artist :: Saltlabs

Around this time last year, one of my best friends packed up and moved to Chicago. From the moment she delivered the news of her relocation, I racked my brain tirelessly to think up the perfect going-away gift for her… something that would remind her of home in Texas, but wouldn’t clutter her new life.… read more

Featured Artist :: Conilab

Don’t get me wrong, I am so enjoying all the love in the air this time of year. I love love as much as the next girl, but I have to wonder, why don’t we celebrate it all year round? I’m totally dwelling on the thought of a world where we shower loved ones with kisses and… read more

It’s a Wood Thing

While I truly try my hardest to stay caught up on all the treasures to be found on Etsy, every once in a while a gem passes under my radar unnoticed. Thankfully, one of our beloved readers was kind enough to send over the link to Sunday Hatch, maker of some terrific wooden cake stands,… read more

Playing with Fate

Ahhh, yes… nostalgia. It seems like just yesterday when I was a second grade pro at making fortune tellers {or cootie catchers} like the ones pictured above. Running around the playground in my private school uniform, my friends and I would huddle in tight circles, itching to discover one another’s fate. That said, you can… read more

Catie Parr

Totally fixated on these fashion inspired paintings by Catie Parr. The LA artist combines two of my favorite things… Vogue & watercolor, in replicating iconic images in fashion history as well as some of her own originals. The result: an endless array of purely chic paintings to fit whatever your style may be. I have… read more

Pretty Little Parsimonia

So psyched about the new Etsy store that my friend Beth just launched: Parsimonia is a super-stylish source for second-hand clothing, accessories and home decor. Beth is the kind of girl who can spend hours combing through vintage store racks, and leave with the most perfectly curated collection of goodies. Since she knows I’m a… read more