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10 Best :: Splendid Summer Favors

When I was 14, I received a small, beaded journal from a friend’s birthday party and thought I’d never seen anything so beautiful. Believe it or not, I’ve held onto that journal and when I look at it now, I’m transported back to that fun day with friends. Suffice it to say, I’m the Merriam… read more

DIY :: Thankful for Leftovers

If you’re like me, you go into the Thanksgiving meal feeling like you could eat an entire cow. You’ve starved yourself all morning long and pulled on those stretchy pants in preparation for the most important meal of the year, and then after one trip to the buffet table, you’re stuffed (womp womp). That’s right,… read more

DIY :: Petit Sweets Favor Display

You didn’t really think we’d tease you with this morning’s tres chic baby shower photos, and not share any of the DIY details, did you? With such a large group, we wanted to keep the favors small and simple (but still full of French flair), so we set up a candy favor display right by the front… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Cheesecake to go

Resolutions be darned, these mini cheesecakes-in-a-jar are way too cute to pass up (c’mon, they’re just a few bites!) Spotted in the latest issue of Living, they can be baked ahead of time so they’ll be read to pass out to party guests or tote with you to a potluck. Bonus points for the fact… read more

A Feather or Two

Summer always brings out the bohemian in me. The blazing heat keeps my outfits long & flowy as I totally abandon the notion of winter’s well-thought-out combinations. My earthy obsession this season… feathers! And it seems I’m not the only one – I’ve loved seeing feathers take center-stage this season in the most unexpected places. Follow… read more

A Sunset Soirée

In the off chance that you somehow missed the memo, Rue Magazine dropped their 5th issue this week… and it is somethin’ spectacular. The sight of this Summer Garden Party styled shoot was, without question, one of the most fabulous parties I’ve seen this season… but then again, would you expect any less from the… read more

Vision in White

January is the month of fresh starts… out with the old; in with the new! After all the excesses of the holiday season, I’m certainly embracing a simpler look for entertaining, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a sweet little christening brunch that we planned for a client’s 8-month-old twins… read more

Weekend Notes

The Thanksgiving feast has come and gone, and I’m still feeling a bit like a turkey (stuffed, that is!) We enjoyed a wonderful day full of family, food and laughter, and I’m thankful for this weekend to get reorganized and make the decorating switch from pumpkins & gourds to Christmas magic! My honey & I… read more

A Gilded Thanksgiving…on coco+kelley!

‘Tis the season to be thankful, my dears! In case you missed it, hop over to coco+kelley to see our glorious gilded Thanksgiving fantasy turned into a real-life fête.  It’s the perfect holiday to put a spin on tradition, so we’re trading in the usual brown & orange tones of fall & slipping into something a… read more

DIY {Party Poms}

For a christening celebration that we recently planned for a client’s 8-month-old twins, we designed an ethereal brunch in luminous shades of white, silver and lavender. Stay tuned for loads more details and image from the day, but we thought we’d share a sneak peak of the DIY favors we put together for each guests’… read more