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The Perfect Bite :: Coconut Panna Cotta

Deliciously silky and so easy to make – coconut panna cotta. This version has gone through a healthy makeover: out with the milk, cream and sugar and in with the coconut milk, yogurt and honey… meaning it can still be your best friend when you’re in a healthy-eating frame of mind. A major difference in this… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Blueberry Lemon Baby Bundts

Jess here, with another recipe that showcases tart citrus flavor… and just so happens to go exceptionally well with the suddenly hot weather that’s hit Austin lately!  Since I just bought these new mini bundt pans that needed breaking in, I mixed up blueberry and zesty lemon cakes, then went a little crazy with a rosemary-infused syrup… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Strawberry Torte

The second that springtime rolls around each year, I instantly want to add fresh fruit to everything I eat. Berries, especially, are an essential part of my warm weather meals, and today I felt like baking them up in a pretty and yes, super simple little torte. This recipe calls for ingredients that are likely already… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Linzer Cookies

Jess here, and suffice it to say, I do not take Valentine’s Day lightly. Today I’m dressed head-to-toe in red and pink and more than ready to get my sugar high on. No matter where you stand on this heart-filled holiday, Valentine’s Day is here and we might as well embrace it… and if you’re like me,… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Cherry-Almond Power Bars

No need to avert your eyes, resolution-keepers… today’s sweet treat is made for you! Jess here, and these healthy cherry-almond bars will energize your mind and body while satisfying your sweet tooth. Total win-win. For breakfast, an afternoon snack or even a post-workout nosh, these bars are going to be your new favorite fix. I picked up dried cherries… read more

12 Tastes of Christmas :: Cranberry Galette

Jess here, and I don’t know about you, but I’m already dreaming of the perfect finalé to the holiday dinner.  This open-faced pastry studded with cranberries and walnuts looks, smells and tastes just like Christmas. Add a dollop of whipped cream or, heck, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, and you may as well pull out all… read more

12 Tastes of Christmas :: Rosemary Pecan Bark

Preparing and gifting holiday treats is one thing I look forward to every holiday season, and this Rosemary Pecan Bark is my current go-to dessert for making and sharing in a pinch! I always have an extensive holiday “to-bake” list of everything I want to make during the season, but thanks to the frantic schedule at this… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Homemade Baileys Irish Cream

Is anyone else having trouble buttoning their pants today or is it just me? Jess here and on this blissful Black Friday, I’d be silly to bring you something that you’d have to chew so soon after your Thanksgiving feast. Accordingly, I’m pouring up the most decadent of all sip-able holiday indulgences…Baileys Irish Cream. Most… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Sweet Potato Scones

Saddle up, friends. This morning I (Jess) am sharing one of my all-time favorite cool-weather treats: scones.  And since sweet potato happens to be my go-to ingredient du jour, I decided to add it to this perfectly crumbly, just-sweet-enough little treat. I think I’ve made just about every version and flavor combo a scone could offer with… read more

The Perfect Bite :: French Breakfast Donuts

Jess here with an especially sweet Perfect Bite. Today I’d like to celebrate the most important meal of the day…breakfast. On the weekends I like to step up my breakfast game with a more indulgent, often more time-consuming meal, but weekdays are typically reserved for quick breakfast bars or a hurried bowl of cereal. Clearly,… read more