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Bring It Home:: California State of Mind

This summer I took a long weekend to visit old friends in California, and I must confess I felt the strong urge to drop everything and move to the West Coast. This feeling is like a familiar old friend, as it tends to visit me every time I travel. In these moments I try to… read more

Bring It Home :: Technicolor Dream Couch

Let me first say what we’re all thinking: that COUCH! It’s as if it came to me in a dream. In case you’re wondering how such a couch came to be (I know I was), Jessica Helgerson Interior Design had it upholstered in 18 different Peruvian blankets. If you don’t happen to have 18 Peruvian blankets… read more

Bring It Home :: Design Within Reach

In my last edition of Bring it Home I featured a standard Ikea kitchen and a budget friendly DIY, but this room is slightly less attainable (unless a kitchen renovation is in your realm of possibility). But no matter, there are always ways to incorporate elements from an inspirational image into your home. It’s simply… read more

Editors’ Essentials :: Cristina

If you’ve been following our Editors’ Essentials series you know that it’s a fun peek into the lives/minds of some of our favorite people, and this installment is one that I’ve been especially looking forward to. Style blogger Cristina Cleveland of Fuji Files contributes my very favorite column on the blog, Bring it Home. With… read more

Bring It Home :: Making it Work

Have you ever inherited a piece of furniture that wasn’t quite your style? A China cabinet, dining set, or maybe the childhood piano that, as much as you love it, just doesn’t mesh, perhaps? You know I’m a sucker for raw, aged wood and modern lines, so I was surprised by how much I loved… read more

Bring It Home :: Summer Villa

Cristina here, and there’s just no hiding it: I  am suffering from a major case of wanderlust. It all started in Capri, and this Aegean spread didn’t help either. All it took was one look at this villa in Mallorca and my mind was on sun-drenched summers with a wide brimmed hat and a glass of sangria in hand.… read more

Bring It Home :: Personal Style

Cristina here! While I love nothing more than gazing at inspiring spaces online, it can be problematic at times — with so many gorgeous rooms out there in an array of different styles, sometimes it feels increasingly difficult to discern our own true, personal style. It came as a bit of a relief to hear that… read more

Bring It Home :: Choosing Favorites

I (Cristina) was talking with a friend recently about the challenges of choosing a color palette when you’re sharing a space. Whether you’re cohabiting with friends, a significant other or your whole family, it can be quite the feat to design a space that will please everyone. My advice? When in doubt, choose blue. Forty percent… read more

Bring It Home :: California Dreaming

Palm trees, Skittle-colored hotels and sundrenched festival goers have taken over my Instagram feed, and I (Cristina) am totally feeling the Coachella envy. It’s enough to make a girl want to don a fringed kimono and hop the next plane to Cali! Or take a cue from Bri Emery’s LA pad and create a happy… read more