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Field Trip :: Champagne Tasting at Goodall’s

When it comes to sparkling wine, let’s just say I’m not picky. No matter the bottle, grape or region, something about the first taste of those bubbles always feels luxurious. Since I’m hosting a big New Year’s Eve bash this year, I’ve literally got “15 bottles of Champagne” on the list for my next grocery trip…… read more

Entertaining with :: Ann Lowe

If there was an Ann Lowe fan club, I’d be a charter member. This creative gal-about-town is so multitalented that you’d almost hate her… if she wasn’t so darn sweet and lovable. She’s an interior designer, prop stylist and culinary artiste, and no doubt has a few other hidden talents of which I’m not even… read more

World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s a title many have claimed, but only one can truly possess.  The quest to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe has led me on a journey through countless cookbooks and hours in the kitchen, and ‘A’ has dutifully tested versions that were crisp, chewy, fluffy, & flat, with all manner of “secret ingredients”… read more

Margaritas y Fajitas!, Pt. III

Today we’re wrapping up our sizzlin’ summer fiesta with two crucial elements: libations & Latin beats.  See previous posts on decking it out with pinatas & papel picado, and serving up a spicy menu.… read more

Margaritas y Fajitas!

Hot Texas nights call for casual parties with friends: sizzling fajitas right off the grill, icy margaritas, and upbeat music that keeps things going way past sunset.  With just a little forethought, a simple Tex-Mex meal can be elevated to an unforgettable fiesta.  Here’s how to make it festive:… read more

Baby Cakes

Since today is my birthday, I’m loving all things lovely, yummy, and sweet.  Just so happens that all three adjectives perfectly describe one of my favorite things: Cupcakes!  Here are my all-time favorite cupcake recipes, designs, sources, & serving ideas.… read more

Splendor in the Grass

The weather forecast is gorgeous over Memorial Day weekend, and I’m planning to soak up the sunshine by being outdoors as much as possible.  This means simple seasonal flavors that don’t require hours in the kitchen, and dishes that can be easily packed up for impromptu picnics.  Here’s what I’ll be making:… read more

Pie in the Sky: The Party

Summer nights are made for eating outdoors with friends, preparing simple and delicious meals using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and laughing and talking by citronella candlelight long after the sun goes down.  I invited a few friends for dinner last weekend, and served a casual feast of gourmet pizzas, chopped salad, and a decadent flourless… read more

Best Seat in the House

As a hostess, you want every guest to feel like a VIP, and the right seating arrangement can be the difference between a sensational soiree and a total flop.  Since organizing the perfect mix can be a major challenge, a primer in creating a successful seating chart is a critical skill for every gracious hostess… read more

Party Inspiration: Capri Island, Pt. III

Mangia! The Italians are famous for their love of food, so delicious flavors naturally become the centerpiece of our Capri-inspired soiree.  Al fresco dining calls for light and seasonal fare, and serving it all family-style is more fun, casual, and a quick way for all your guests to get to know each other!… read more