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10 Best :: DIY Valentines

Valentine’s Day never fails to make me think of my Uncle Tommy. As an always smiling fourth grader, he marched in to his classroom on February 14 and boldly handed my now Aunt Rose his entire box of cards…the ones that were meant for the whole class. Theirs is a story with a sweet beginning and… read more

Weekend Notes

Morning! What are y’all up to on this first Saturday of March? I’m up early, putting the finishing touches on the baby shower I’m hosting for my sweet friend Lauren today… we’re celebrating her soon-to-arrive little girl in vintage French style, croques monsieur & macarons on the menu s’il vous plaît! I’m praying for sunshine so… read more

Annie + Oliver

I got married on a sunny day in June with clear blue skies…it was the garden party wedding I’d always imagined. As perfect as the setting was, sometimes I imagine what it would be like to walk down the aisle in the wintertime, with a glamorous big city reception and loads of flickering candlelight. Well… read more

Favor Florets {DIY}

Coming up with a name for these little blooming beauties was quite possibly the most difficult part of the whole project. After stumbling upon these wood pendant lanterns on Kim Vallee, I was inspired to use the same shape for a totally different purpose. With just a few strips of paper, strategic hot gluing and… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Pink Grapefruit

Today’s inspiration board is a sweet shock of citrus: bright, coral-y pinks reminiscent of fresh grapefruit.  This palette is perfect for summer showers…what bride or mom-to-be wouldn’t feel celebrated with such a saturated dose of femininity? Start with a salad of apple, grapefruit & creme fraiche; pucker up for mojitos with a twist; end on… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Aquamarine

Today’s inspiration board is a saturated dose of vibrant color to welcome the warm days & balmy nights of spring. Usually I associate the word aquamarine with a soothing wash of watery blues…but this color palette is punched up with poppy details for a look that’s much more zesty than zen. A brilliant bouquet of… read more

Meg's Hostess Gift Guide

This week has been all about L-O-V-E here on Style Notes, and today’s installment of Meg’s Gift Guide is the perfect ending: a sweet surprise to say ‘thank you’ to Valentine’s Day Party hosts. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t drool over French macarons? Yeah, didn’t think so. A note from Meg (of Mimi… read more

The Key to a Man’s Heart…

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without an Amy Atlas-designed dessert table overflowing with artfully-arranged sweets. I’ve noted my Amy Atlas obsession in previous posts here and here, but I couldn’t resist sharing these drippingly gorgeous shots that are appropriately themed “Love Is the Key to My Heart.” The bubblegum pink & soft grey palette is… read more