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Tuesday Tastings :: Hazelnut & Raspberry Éclairs

I’ll never forget my first trip to Paris. I was eighteen, and my mom and I celebrated my high school graduation with a dream trip where we meandered through Claude Monet’s waterlilies, strolled along the Seine, gazed at Picassos, and of course, sampled as much French food as one could possibly taste in the span… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: From Paris, With Love

Can you think of anything more romantic than spending February 14th in Paris? As a city that oozes amour 365 days a year, just being in the City of Light on Valentine’s Day has got to be pure magic. Admittedly, I don’t have much planned for this coming Friday, but I figured I’d sneak some Parisian… read more

Featured Artist :: Saltlabs

Around this time last year, one of my best friends packed up and moved to Chicago. From the moment she delivered the news of her relocation, I racked my brain tirelessly to think up the perfect going-away gift for her… something that would remind her of home in Texas, but wouldn’t clutter her new life.… read more

Paris, Je t’aime

I will never forget my first visit to Paris. My mother & I, exhausted after hours of deciphering the underground subway maps, finally climbed a random set of plaza stairs to coincidentally stumble upon the Notre Dame Cathedral. The architecture junkie in me sent chills to my arms and (believe it or not) tears to… read more

Camille on coco+kelley!

We all love inspiration boards & pretty pictures, but sometimes I just want to see them come to life in a real party! So I was obviously thrilled when Cassandra asked me to be a regular contributor on her amazing blog coco+kelley to do this very thing in a From Fantasy to Fête series. Twice a… read more

Recipe for a Parisian Picnic

If you haven’t already checked out today’s guest post over at coco+kelley, hurry over to get the context for our Parisian picnic recipes! If you have, then welcome to Style Notes! Hope you’re enjoying the first post in our From Fantasy to Fête series, & thanks for popping over to check out the menu.… read more

Inspired by Curry at Hôtel Costes

My eating tour of Paris wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Hôtel Costes, the trés trés chic hotel with the famous courtyard café where we spent hours eating, sipping wine, people-watching, & ruminating on life (when in France!) Located on 239 rue St-Honore, it draws an incredibly stylish crowd, but the food doesn’t suffer from the scene.… read more

Bon Appét-eating in Paris!

Since Paris was the last stop on our European travels, I was afraid I might be done with indulgent eating & late-night dinners by the time we arrived. Let’s just say my fears were unfounded…one whiff of the Parisian air rich with buttery croissants & steak frites, and I was ready to let the eating… read more

Back to Reality

I arrived home late last night from my European whirlwind: we squeezed so many unforgettable experiences into two weeks, it actually feels like I was gone for two months! Although I have mounds of laundry to do & emails to answer, I must admit that I returned to Austin feeling wholly re-energized: for work, play,… read more

Fête-ing with the French

Today marks the final stop on my European soujorn, and I can’t imagine a more fitting place to end than Paris. Out of all the different places we’ve seen on this trip, Paris is the only one I’ve visited previously. One taste of the City of Lights several years ago was all it took for… read more