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My Essentials :: this is glamorous

Roséline, creator of design & lifestyle blog {this is glamorous} has lately become one of my style icons. She always manages to find the most visually arresting images I’ve ever laid eyes on, and any time I need a serious shot of pretty, I know just where to go. And I’m not the only one:… read more

Weekend Notes

Raise your hand if you’re ready for a long weekend (me me me!) It’s been a fantastic week of photo shoots, client meetings and lots of socializing, but I am ready for some major chill-time. On the agenda? Reading by the pool, closet organization, brunch with friends and celebrating the Fourth with (what else?) burgers… read more

Currently Loving…My Bedside Table

I tend to prefer a pretty clean bedside table…the less clutter, the less chances of me knocking something over in the middle of the night. But there’s always room for pretty flowers, especially when they happen to be shockingly pink peonies. Hope you’re all having a fun + rejuvenating Sunday! xo… read more