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The Byrd Collective :: The Art of the Pot

Like all great friendships, Keith Kreeger and I (Ashley) first met on Instagram. He saw a photo advertising my pop-up shop at By George, and came out to meet me in person bearing one of his own handmade containers to fill with blooms for his wife. Since then, I’ve had so much fun collaborating with… read more

Featured Artist :: Elephant Ceramics

Mornin’ everyone, and happy Friday! I (Chanel) can’t even begin to tell you all about the exciting projects we checked off our to-do list this week. I’m fairly certain these last few days will go down in the record books as some of the busiest we’ve ever seen. I don’t want to give away too… read more

Featured Artist :: Kirstie Van Noort

I’m fairly confident that today’s featured artist could have an entire series on the blog devoted to showcasing her work. While her drawings and photography are beautiful in their own right, it’s Kirstie Van Noort’s ceramics that have me absolutely swooning today (I’m talkin’, hundreds of breathtaking photos). With a look that’s entirely handmade in… read more