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Tastemakers :: Confituras

What if you could capture the most exquisite autumn day and put it in a jar: the blue sky, the crisp air, the scent of crushed leaves, all the sweet, tender lusciousness that’s been ripening on the tree for months and months through the long days of summer? Inside every piece of fruit is contained… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Persimmon

If you’ve never tasted a persimmon, please add it to the top of your to-do list this week. They’re in their prime ripeness this time of year, and the flavor is really unlike any other fruit. I first fell in love with the small orange delights during my time in Israel years ago, where they… read more

10 Best :: Pumpkin Bites

At approximately 9 a.m. every morning, rain or shine, you can find me in the Starbucks line with a Gold Card in hand. While it’s not often that I stray from my routine iced vanilla latte, earlier this week I found myself craving a rich, frothy, cinnamon-y cup of nostalgia. Alas, the infamous pumpkin spice latte was calling… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Fall Oxtail Pappardelle

We’re following up this morning’s pasta making class with an exclusive recipe from épicerie‘s chef and owner, Sarah McIntosh. If you know me, you probably know that I’m not the biggest meat-lover, and that 95% of the dishes I eat and cook are veggie-centric… but this Fall Oxtail Papperdelle has me singing an entirely different… read more

Choosing (& Cleaning!) Summer Veggies

  You guys probably know by now that a trip to the farmer’s market is always a highlights of my weekend. There’s nothing I love more than heading downtown with Adam and Phoebe, stocking my bag with seasonal fruits and veggies, flowers, jam, bread and usually stopping for a farm-fresh breakfast, too. A couple weeks… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Strawberry Mint Tart

Yesterday we debuted the newest addition to our regular programming: the extra playful and always kid friendly Little Things series, brought to us by Carrie Ryan. Our first installment featured a gorgeous summer day of strawberry picking at Sweet Berry Farm in Austin, and had me instantly craving a dose of anything and everything berry flavored. Fortunately… read more

October Crafternoon

Exactly one week left in October (crazy, right?) and we’re thinking there’s still time to throw a family-friendly affair that doesn’t revolve around ghosts & goblins. Camille mentioned yesterday that we aren’t the biggest fans of the classic black-and-orange palette for Halloween, so we were totally on board with Martha when she proposed hosting this classically… read more

Good & Proper

If there’s one think we love more than stationery, it’s getting the inside scoop on stationery. So, you can imagine our excitement when Elizabeth of Social Proper sent us a sneak peek of their upcoming seasonal collection. The hand painted designs are watercolored perfection, and we’re ashamed to admit that they have us longing to… read more

Paper + Pretties :: Find Your Seat

Hi everyone, Kristen here! Last weekend brought a hint of cooler weather to Austin, and my anticipation of fall has arrived in full force. I can’t wait to enjoy cool autumn evenings with friends, and most of all, to see one of my dearest friends walk down the aisle. After helping her wrap up some… read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re parade-watching, eagerly waiting for the timer to ding in the kitchen, or in between buffet visits… Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is soaking up some valuable r&r with your loved ones and enjoying delicious food. For some last minute inspiration, check out Slim Paley‘s totally unique spin on an autumn table she set at… read more