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Have a Heart

Do any of you agree that half the fun of Valentine’s Day is dressing the part? All the red and pink hearts that might border along childish or costume-y on other days, become totally acceptable. And when it comes to going all out, if ban.do doesn’t scream girlish whimsy, I don’t know what does. I… read more

Fun Lovin’

Have you ever stopped and really watched kids at a birthday party as they run around, pop balloons, toss confetti and stuff their faces with birthday cake? Sometimes we could all stand to learn a lesson from the junior set about letting loose and having fun… And fun is exactly the word that comes to… read more

Somewhere Splendid

How did I not discover the gem of a blog Somewhere Splendid until today?! Brimming with gorgeous decor, inspired parties and stunning food images, it’sbasically a bundle of all the things I love, from the perspective of designer and editor Maddy (who also happens to co-edit Nonpareil, one of my fave online mags.) I’m especially… read more