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An End-of-Summer Family Feast

There’s an unexpected calmness that creeps in this time of year, don’t you think? With the novelty of summer worn off and most of our travels a thing of the past, we’re now channeling our focus back to routine and ritual, and those big summer blowouts are being swapped out for intimate dinners that allow us to catch up with… read more

How to :: Wear Red, White & Blue

One of my favorite aspects of fashion is watching how American style changes drastically through the years… and then simply cycles back and repeats. Things might have changed just a bit since the first Memorial Day held back in 1868, but it’s still worth noting the way that history inspires today’s modern wardrobe. Regardless of past style… read more

My Life, Styled :: Out & About in Fall

I don’t know what the weather’s been like where you are, but here in LA the past couple of weeks have been all over the map! We were in the 90′s one day last week and then two days later down in the 40′s… how is a girl supposed to dress appropriately?! It’s certainly been… read more

Transformed :: Take a Seat

Claire here, and if the warm weather is inspiring you to get outdoors and be creative, this cheery DIY project is for you. It’s a bit more involved than my gold brick bookends from last month, but the end result is one that’ll totally transform an entryway or cozy nook in your house. Two weeks ago… read more

Pulling It Off :: Stripes + Leopard

Hi friends! Ana here with this month’s Pulling It Off: stripes and leopard. I love this modern take on two classic prints, and I think it’s the perfect combination for achieving that tricky winter-to-spring transition. My beautiful friend Candice of Oh! Fox Vintage is modeling this look at one of our favorite spots in town,… read more

Transformed :: Scaffolding to Table

Happy first-day-of-November, everyone! Two weeks ago, I (Claire) asked for your suggestions on which table I should make to convert my formal dining room into a functioning combination workspace/eating area. I was leaning towards a sawhorse style table, but after reading all the enthusiastic responses to the metal base table (option #3), I decided to make one… read more

Weekend Notes

Good Saturday morning, m’dears! I’m feeling much more rested after a week that was busy without being total chaos the way that the beginning of the month was. It’s hard to find that perfect balance, isn’t it? Today we’re getting a few things done around the house (I’ll be showing you guys a nursery update on… read more

Bring it Home :: Show your Stripes

Happy Memorial Day, lovelies – I (Cristina) certainly hope you’re all enjoying the extra-long weekend! It’s that (blissful) time of year for barbecues and pool parties, and what better way to dress up an outdoor spaces than with my favorite pattern of all: stripes! They’ve already taken over my wardrobe, and it was only a matter of… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Sealed with a kiss

Did you all have a fun weekend? I had a busy Saturday with that Design*Sponge shoot I mentioned, plus a video reshoot for an upcoming HGTV feature…but Sunday was blissfully low-key! A & I cut our errands short when some light snow showers started to fall and headed straight home to watch movies in front of… read more

Camille Spies…

I always have so much fun putting together my “Camille Spies…” posts over on the Layla Grayce blog. It’s a chance for me to choose a trend I’ve been obsessing over and go totally crazy finding my favorite interpretations in food, fashion and home interiors. Hop on over to check out this week’s post –… read more