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In the Kitchen with :: Sweetapolita

If you’re just tuning in, we’ve invited some of our favorite food bloggers to stop by while Camille’s settling into motherhood. This layered chocolate, lavender and vanilla bean panna cotta (wow!) comes to us from the brilliant baker behind Sweetapolita…  Since long before the time my love for sugar became my career, it seems I have… read more

12 Tastes of Christmas :: Peppermint Cake

I’m beyond excited about today’s edition of 12 Tastes of Christmas, since it comes from one of the most inspirational cake & confection designers out there, Rosie of Sweetapolita fame. Not only is this lady unbelievably talented (um, have you seen the cake at the top of this page?) she also happens to be gorgeous and sweet,… read more

Artfully Inspired

Last week’s feature on Sweetapolita sent us on an obsessive whirlwind of perusing their genius designs… and when we discovered these artist palette {and paintbrush} cookies we just had to share them. Turns out Sweetapolita isn’t the only crafter that’s been inspired by artists & painting lately, as we’ve seen the theme taking center stage… read more


This morning while doing some party research (aka, feeding my pinterest addiction,) I discovered the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous sweets pinned from couture baking site Sweetapolita. Self-described cake-addict Rosie designs, bakes and photographs each of her creations, and it’s unreal how pretty each confection is. Full of girliness, sugar and loads of sparkle…I can’t quite decide… read more