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Tuesday Tastings :: Strawberry Mint Tart

Yesterday we debuted the newest addition to our regular programming: the extra playful and always kid friendly Little Things series, brought to us by Carrie Ryan. Our first installment featured a gorgeous summer day of strawberry picking at Sweet Berry Farm in Austin, and had me instantly craving a dose of anything and everything berry flavored. Fortunately… read more

Manger With Mimi :: Artichoke Porcini Tartlets

Looking out the window today, all I could see was rain, rain and more rain. It’s one of those January days where you’re inspired to be creative, and dazed by the weather, I was suddenly transported to Italy as I reminisced on past holidays. Rome is one of my favourite romantic cities, and I was… read more

Weekend Notes

Ahh, another weekend already…though it kind of feels like we had one on Wednesday, this Saturday still comes as a much-needed break from the busyness. Since there’s not too much on my agenda today, I’ve decided to fill it will all my favorite things: a trip to the farmer’s market for heirloom tomatoes, peach-bourbon jam… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Breakfast Tart

Those who know me well know that I am a breakfast fanatic. You can find me chowing down on the most important meal of the day… well, during almost any meal of the day! That said, The Jewels of New York struck a chord with me loud & clear when I came across their sunny… read more