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10 Best Ways to Send Thanks

November 9th, 2012

I try to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving somewhat alive all year round. And while I may not be bundled in a sweater feasting on Turkey on the other 364 days, I do pretty well at showing my appreciation by staying on top of my thank you card game. Some of our most beloved stationery brandsĀ just released some new fall designs, so we figured we’d celebrate both them and the impending arrival of T-day with a roundup of all our favorites. Signed, sealed and delivered, these little works of art are just as fun to send out as they are to receive… which one do you like best?!

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  1. Yelle says:

    I love number 4! Checklists are so cutesy!

  2. auntlez says:

    3 and 9 definitely! i can see you sending 1 or 10 actually. you rock in the ‘thank you’ card arena! only one other trumps you- CES…:)

  3. Oh I love the Kate Spade ones! I’m such a fan of “old-fashioned” hand-written thank yous.

  4. McKenna Ryan says:

    I am in love with numbers 7 and 10. The bright orange and the lovely ribbon details are fabulous. What wonderful thank you notes!!

  5. I love all the cards, My favorite is # 4. There’s nothing like a thank you card. These are sooo perfect for the season.

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