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A Franklin Barbecue Thanksgiving

November 20th, 2012

When Bon Apetit dubbed an East Austin treasure “the best BBQ in America,” the whole city kind of freaked out a bit. Franklin Barbecue instantly became a household name, and if you hadn’t already had the brisket there, you’d best reevaluate your priorities. Fast forward a year-and-a-half, and the geniuses at KLRU have teamed up with Aaron Franklin himself to produce an 8-part web series that explains the process — beginning to end — of making delicious barbecue in your very own backyard. So we’ve been following along as Franklin’s talked in depth about finding your meat, buying and modifying a smoker and picking out wood, and have loved every minute of it. And then the inconceivable happened: an invitation into the home kitchen of the Franklins as they prepare and serve their Thanksgiving dinner, and film it all for the Thanksgiving segment of “BBQ with Franklin.” Doesn’t it feel like all is right in the world when you discover that someone you admire also happens to be a wonderfully nice and down-to-earth person? Aaron and his wife Stacy may just be the two best people you could find yourself spending T-day with, and we had so much fun hanging out with them and the KLRU crew. If you should be so bold, head over to watch and learn how to smoke a turkey, and be sure to click through here for the recipe to one of Stacy’s signature sides, all captured by our very own Chelsea.

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  1. celeste says:

    I love their laid-back style, and of course, Chelsea captured it all perfectly with those beautiful photos. New Year’s resolution: brave the line at Franklin’s! and make that divine salad 🙂

  2. McKenna B says:

    Love this. We always BBQ the whole Turkey to cook it – even in the Seattle rain! So yummy!

    • Chelsea says:


      Chelsea here, the photographer. Glad to hear you try this method, too!

      I currently don’t have a grill but seeing the Franklin’s cook their turkey and beans has encouraged me to start shopping for one. I can’t wait to try out the bean recipe on my own.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. […] story of Austin’s most beloved smoked meat is a favorite talking point among locals (we featured his Thanksgiving table here) and has become the stuff of BBQ legends. Aaron and his wife, Stacy, debuted Franklin Barbecue in […]

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