All Stirred Up

honecomb_stir_sticks Lately I’ve been noticing ever-more-innovative drink garnishes and stir sticks that transform a cocktail into a total conversation piece. Thought I’d share a little roundup of my favorite beverage pins of late. The above idea would have been so perfect for the bee-themed baby shower I threw for a friend last summer. Follow the jump for lots more pretties…which one’s your favorite?


Rock candy is a sparkly and sweet garnish for champagne cocktails.


Okay, these may not be drinks…but the glittery swizzle stick would look equally charming lined with blueberries and popped into a fruity martini.


Sweetened or unsweetened? This is such a clever way to identify drinks at a party.


Orange slices add a dash of color (and flavor!) to cool glasses of h2o.

30th-birthday_swizzle_sticks Can’t wait to adopt this idea for my husband’s next birthday party. The faces of the guest of honor are just the right mix of fun…and a little creepy!

*images: honeycombs, rock candy, donuts, sweet tea, oranges, birthday girl.


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4 Responses to “All Stirred Up”

  1. Tolly

    Ok, I am in LOVE with those funny friend-faces swizzle sticks. Hahaha … they are completely cracking me up.

    Also Camille: In that same pic, see those rows of triangle banners in the background? Wow are those in right now. I am seeing them on EVERY design / craft blog it seems like! You too?

  2. Misfit

    I am new to the site and love the ideas. Can you explain…follow the jump. I just don’t get it.

  3. Marianne {Style For Living}

    So many creative ideas here. My favorites are the first one and the glittery ones for the donut holes, although they are all darling!

  4. Kacie

    What a great idea! I love this! I’m gonna make a drink with these!

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