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Baggage Check :: Cote d’Azur

January 4th, 2012

rachel zoe purple silk jumpsuit cutout shoulder fashion inspiration

Baggage check purple silk jumpsuit rachel zoe fashion travel destination inspiration

As the dawn of a new year sets in, I (Kelly) am on my way to tackling my style resolution of 2012: wear more color! What I thought would be a real challenge for my neutrally-inclined self has actually gotten off to an exciting start… once I laid eyes on Rachel Zoe’s Resort Collection, that is. There’s no question that Rachel is one of the most influential fashion icons, and the debut of her sophomore collection certainly didn’t disappoint. The girl stayed true to her signature 70’s sensibilities, but turned up the charm by incorporating eye popping colors and abstract prints. If you ask me, this fabulous, contemporary purple jumpsuit would be gorgeous for a night out on the town along the glamorous Cote d’Azur. So, I’ve shared mine…now I’d love to hear what your style resolutions are for the year!

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  1. Supal says:

    That color is gorgeous!! You have to wear it.

  2. Natalie says:

    Love your style resolution. I’m a neutrals addict as well, so I may have to adopt this resolution as my own!

  3. I’m going to be myself more in how I dress (which links back to my resolution for life in general)!
    That sounds odd, but I work for a very casual teen brand which means my office outfits spill over into life, and although I’m almost 30, I’m usually clad in whatever the local middle schoolers are wearing. The real me is must more fashion forward, glamorous and fun, and I want that to come out more than it currently does.

  4. My style resolution is to STOP saving things for that special moment and just wear my clothes already!

  5. Laura Trevey says:

    I want to step into that 1st photo ~ wow!!

  6. Kim Sharper says:

    Beautiful photos!

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