DIY :: Gold Confetti Runner

gold confetti runner table decor design metallic bulk oscar night party academy awards

When I was younger, I hated setting the table for dinner parties (my mother can attest to it). Funny how our tendencies change, isn’t it? These days, I can imagine very few things that get my creative juices flowing more than designing a fabulous table, then setting it just in time to show off to friends and family. Take this table from our Oscar Night party for our series, where we set a clean white palette, but gave it a Hollywood makeover with gilded metallic accents. And for the finishing touch: poured down the length of the table was a runner made entirely of gold confetti flecks, adding texture and glitz. Love it as much as we do? No need for instructions here, replicating this look is a piece of cake. Buy gold confetti in bulk, and be amazed by how often it comes in handy!

*photo by Chad Wadsworth

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18 Responses to “DIY :: Gold Confetti Runner”

  1. Tania

    Wow! I think I can reuse some Christmas decoration with this idea! :D

    • Chanel Dror

      Wonderful! Nothing better than finding new uses for old things :)

  2. Ashley @ Any Lovely Thing

    Oh, I love this idea! I have gold foil paper cut into circles giving the look of giant confetti in mind for my own Oscar fete.


  3. Inés

    Are you just as charming in real life as your ideas?.
    I love this one…bright, simple and classy.

  4. estelle Hayes

    That gold confetti against the white is stunning. It feels so festive. I’m loving confetti lately and trying to work it into as much as possible. Just makes me happy thinking about it.

  5. Sierra

    Oh this is just lovely!

  6. Michelle

    girl, you’re speaking my gold-confetti-filled language today.

  7. lissa

    Hi! How much confetti did you use? Any estimates for length able to be covered by a 1lb bag? I’d love to borrow this idea for my wedding and have 244ft of table to confetti the center of!

    • Chanel Dror

      Hi Lissa, congrats on your wedding! I’m not sure, but if I had to guess I would say that a single bag would cover (at least) 5 8-foot-long tables. With the 1 lb bag we bought, a little went a long way… worst case scenario, you’ll have extra confetti to throw around on the dance floor! Be sure to share pics of the final product :)

      • Lissa

        So fab. Thanks *so* much.


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