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Do You Dare :: Worldly Walls

February 7th, 2012

decor map world map antique framed art large

Michelle here, and I’m so excited to be one of the two newest additions to the Camille Styles Team (have you met Coco?). Welcome to the first installment of Do You Dare, where I’ll be shedding some light on the edgiest trends of the moment, and asking you all for your expert opinions on the matter. First up! We can all agree that figuring out what to put on bare white walls can be a design dilemma, so why not take inspiration from the adventures of fearless globetrotters, and go for a worldly approach? Follow the jump to see more inspiring images, and tell me, do you dare transform one of your rooms with an oversized map?

decor map world map antique framed art large

decor map world map antique framed art large *images: 1, 2, 3

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  1. I love the bathroom wallpaper version. Might as well go big in a powder room.

    • Camille Styles says:

      Agreed – such a fun place to do something bold! The only places in my house that I wallpapered are the powder room and the laundry room, and I LOVE both spots!

  2. Chanel Dror says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a beautiful vintage map to hang in my apartment. I love the look!

  3. ANH Style says:

    I like the big map in the third photo that doesn’t take up the entire wall, just a large portion of it. My parents own one like that, but they pin the locations they have visited with little flags that have the name of each destination. I love how personal it is!

  4. Amy says:

    I love this trend! I’m a bit of a geography nerd though 🙂

  5. My boyfriend and I have a large map in our living room. We built the frame ourselves using wood trim we picked up at Home Depot and we stained it a beautiful rich brown. Talk about a cost effective bang for our buck!


  6. Adry Bonet says:

    What a cook kitchen with the very large map.

  7. Michelle Sereno says:

    Thanks for the feedback ya’ll! Ashley, what a cool DIY! And ANH Style, I love the idea of pinning places where you’ve been, such a sweet touch!

  8. Michelle, I LOVE this. Maps are a *slight* obsession of mine!

  9. I really love this! I think I’d be more likely to use a large map as artwork, rather than wallpaper.

  10. Totally loving the map wallpaper in the powder room!!! What a great idea.

  11. I’ve been considering this look for my son’s bedroom, he’s been quite the traveler for just being 22 months!

  12. mes bijoux says:

    I had one at my old home and the best thing is that we underlined the places we wanted to visit. Now you made me think that I miss my world map!
    kisses from Barcelona!

  13. Ryam says:

    I love the use of maps and globes to decorate a home! I recently posted a little map project on my blog where I covered the countries represented in our family with gold glitter…I just need to find the perfect spot for it.
    P.S. Love all the inspiration on your blog! X

  14. Love the post Michelle! Definitely filing this away for future children’s room decor ideas 😉

  15. Love the wall maps! My FIL framed a Florida keys map in driftwood and it’s a gorgeous piece of artwork!

  16. amy naidoo says:

    I’ve always loved maps…in fact when i was in high school i wanted to be a cartographer! (nerd alert) so i would have no problems putting a really splendid map up in m home 🙂 in fact i already have one up!

  17. renee says:

    i am a huge map junkie and i would LOVE to have a giant wall map behind my desk in my future (dream) office! for now, i am settling for a small vintage aerial print of my city where you can see the apartment i live in in its original state: a firehouse!

  18. I adore maps as decor! My husband and I have that map in the bottom photo (Ikea $150) in our living room & have also pinned places we’ve been. We keep at least one paper product from each location to tack to the map with the classic red pin. It’s a great daily reminder how big our world is & also a great conversation starter for guests.

  19. I’ve noticed a map trend. It is nice to know I wasn’t completely off. I just got a large (3 foot x 4 foot) map added to my office today. It was being removed from a conference room and I had a blank wall. Perfect! To add to the perfection, I am almost done painting a small table to go against that wall that will perfectly coordinate with the blues of the ocean.

  20. Love maps, love travel, love these photos! I want to stick little pins onto the maps of all the places I’ve slept!


  21. Brooke says:

    I LOVE the idea of putting a map on the wall and putting push pins in all the places I’ve been. So inspired to put this up in my house. Let the adventures begin!!

  22. ivy says:

    I absolutely love this! I am a student & have a teeny-tiny apartment, with little surface space to work with. I’ve been wanting to purchase a nice globe, but I just don’t have a spot for it. Having an over-sized map on the wall will scratch that itch.

    Perfect idea!!

  23. I like it. I do feel like I have seen it a lot lately, hence it being a trend, but it looks interesting. I think it looks better as artwork than wallpaper, especially if you can find a vintage map of an area that is important to you. Like if you went to your honeymoon in Italy, a large map of just it would be really sweet.

  24. Sarah says:

    I LOVE this and have been searching for the right map for my empty living room wall. The one in the first photo is just what I’ve been looking for! Do you happen to know where it came from? Thanks!

  25. I love the 3rd photo… do you know where we can purchase this?

    Let me know! I love your blog!

  26. Linda says:

    Could I order the world map wall paper? Is it for sale. Love the idea for my sons room!

  27. Ilse says:

    Yes I dare to!
    Totally did right here:

    I love it! And I am trying hard to keep myself from turning our home into a map store because I’d love to hang one in every room 😉

  28. Marie Safel says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice post. i love it.

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