Happy June!

What do I want to do this month? Let’s see…

HappyJune_MintyCocktails What are all of you most looking forward to during the month of June? Don’t forget to embrace the ethos of summer and have some major fun!

*sources: summer cocktails, dip-dye DIY, she walks in beauty, herbs.



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5 Responses to “Happy June!”

  1. Kim

    And Happy June to you too! And thanks for the always lovely and inspiring posts!

  2. Jonii

    The dip dyed cards looks so pretty! I’d grow herbs if I thought I wasn’t going to kill them. LOL

    I’m going to be working on getting my bedroom looking pretty… in a rental. Joining the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild (first meeting at the end of June) and getting prepared for two of my cousins and their families to move to Charlotte and for my sister and her family visiting as well. I hope to squeeze in some cultural activities so my brain doesn’t turn to goo from all the running around!

  3. Maya

    I’m looking forward to a new job! One that will not keep me inside an office for 12-hours a day. One that will allow me to get out and enjoy the summer weather.

  4. Carrie C.

    I’m looking forward to picking blackberries, making berry pies, planting flowers, and reading outdoors in the evening once the sun has set.

  5. Camille Styles

    Oh my gosh, I love ALL these! @Jonii – you quilt?! That’s soooo cool! And @Maya – congrats to you. A little outdoor time is definitely good for the soul. @Carrie – that sounds like my idea of summertime bliss. So glad that y’all are all embracing the carefree attitude of June! xo


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