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Haute for Valentine’s

February 3rd, 2012


I’m writing a new column for print mag The Society Diaries called Hot and Haute, where I identify my favorite finds and the little obsessions I can’t live without each month. Fun, right? February’s installment is full of little luxuries in shades of romance…perfect hints to help my Valentine with his shopping list!

{1} Kate Spade’s Supercalifragilipstick

{2} Clare Vivier’s La Pochette

{3} Costes Candle

{4} ‘lette Macarons

{5} Parisian Chic: A Style Guide

{6} Hotel de Russie (sheer fantasy gift, but this is where we honeymooned, and one of my favorite spots in the world.)

Happy Friday lovelies, and hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

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6 Comments under :: Haute for Valentine’s
  1. mes bijoux says:

    lovely finds! I really like the pochette and, my favourite hotel!
    kisses from Barcelona!

  2. Jacqlyn says:

    How exciting! Sounds like so much fun. I’ll be coming back for updates (:

  3. Kendra says:

    That’s so awesome! Quite the nice collection of things you’ve picked out there! 🙂


  4. dustjacket says:

    Oh that sounds so exciting … love your finds!
    ps just happen to be reading parisian chic now

  5. GawgusThings says:

    Wouldn’t mind waking up to any of these gifts on Valentine’s Day, especially if I was waking up in Hotel de Russie!

    Emma xx

  6. Lisa says:

    What a fun column! I love all of the pretty things on your list!

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