How ’bout a game night?


Are you guys fans of board games? While I admit we’re not usually “game” people, lately I’ve been wanting to invite a few other couples over for a retro-style game night with hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and friendly competition that lasts late into the night. Hop over to coco+kelley where I shared my entire game night fantasy last week… and let me know if you have any favorite board games that should be added to my repertoire! Hope you’re all having a fun Sunday, and stay tuned for tomorrow, ’cause I *just might* have a fun little feature going up on (eek!) Design*Sponge! xx 

*image of deborah needleman’s home by annie schlechter via a lovely being.

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7 Responses to “How ’bout a game night?”

  1. GawgusThings

    We quite often have evenings like this with friend’s and it really is great fun! It’s normally either board games or cards..
    Emma x

  2. Debbie Nordstrom

    BEST board game EVER is SEQUENCE!
    in fact. ….. if they ever have an SA meeting, I may have to join sequence anonymous.

  3. Laura Burns

    My husband and I love Cranium because it’s a team competition, there are a huge variety of fun tasks and there’s always loads and LOADS of laughter! Coupled with drinks and nibbles and you’ll have a perfect night :)

  4. allison { TAYLOR MOSELEY }

    I’m a scrabble girl if I had to pick one. I like solitary games or one-on-one.

    I love all the exotic colors, prints, and patterns in this photo!

  5. Patricia Downing

    Catch Phrase! A blast–especially with a large group.
    Long give game nights!


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