Monochromatic Monday :: Boxwood Garland

Christmas_Decor_Boxwood_Garland December 25th is speeding towards us, and I just realized that after today, we only have one more Monochromatic Monday before Christmas…so much holiday inspiration, so little time! Today I’m over at the Nicole Miller blog with some super sparkly & glam holiday inspo…and I couldn’t let the season pass by without giving an homage to my current obsession: boxwood garlands & wreaths. Depending on its surroundings, boxwood has the unique ability to appear traditional or modern, and there’s something about it that always makes me think of the manicured English garden of my dreams. This year I planned my entire holiday decor around these gorgeous garlands, hanging one over the front door, another around the dining room window and a third draped luxuriously across the mantle. As a result, I limited my palette for the other elements to sage, silver and snowy shades of ivory (as seen in my holiday table preview, here.) I’d love to know: do y’all use garlands in your holiday decor? If so, real or faux? Hope you’re all savoring these last 2 weeks before the big day, and if you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out my other holiday boards: Precious Metals, Merry BerryCranberry SauceHaute Cocoa and Little Fir Tree

*images: {row 1} dress, boxwood monogram, noel window decal {row 2} sideboard, pork loin {row 3} paris apartment, calligraphy menu cards, bike, rifle paper invitations {row 4} boxwood topiary, girl at table, bridal bouquet, staircase.

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14 Responses to “Monochromatic Monday :: Boxwood Garland”

  1. Eleni

    Great pallet and yes, if I let myself loose I’d decorate the whole place with garlands (and fairy lights definitely!)

    • Camille Styles

      Haha, girl after my own heart!

  2. Erin

    This made me smile. I needed that xo

  3. Copper&Whim

    I love garlands and wreaths too! I would simply love to fill my house with them!

  4. Neda

    Such a gorgeous way to decorate…natural yet festive. I love the look of the garlands on the table!

  5. Rowaida Fl

    Love your inspiration boards, I am pinning on my Pinterest

  6. Silvie

    I love to paint/draw/write on windows!! It’s very Christmassy! But if you like, you can decor your windows painting flower garlands in different colors during spring! It lloks fantastic, you should try it! :)

    I once had the upper half of the eiffel towee painted on a window, it looked as if I lived in Paris, just beside the tower! I may paint it again in my new apartment. :)

    LOVELY MONOCHROMATIC AS ALWAYS! It shows how much thought you put on creating them!


    • Camille Styles

      Wow, you have totally made me rethink window decals, Silvie! I wouldn’t mind seeing the eiffel tower painted on my window, either… ;)

  7. Mismatcherie

    I love this whole look, and your blog is great! Quick question– is that dress a Nicole Miller dress or is it from somewhere else? It’s gorgeous!

  8. Camille Styles

    @Mismatcherie – I wish I knew!! I found it from an unknown source and fell in love…but would LOVE to know where it’s from. Can anyone help?

  9. Brandy Lewis

    I’ve shared your Holiday Inspiration on the Gems of the Soil fan page! Stunning collection for Monochromatic Monday, and beautiful blog~


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