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Monochromatic Monday: Chocolate & Peonies

January 30th, 2012


I checked the calendar last night and realized, yikes! Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away! Although this holiday always seems to sneak up on me, I do love the frilly romance and proliferation of chocolate that defines V-day. So, let the color inspiration, crafting ideas and indulgent dessert recipes begin! Today’s board is more about rich, dark chocolate than sugary candy hearts; a lush bunch of peonies on the table for a sophisticated candlelit dinner at home. I love the contrast of girly pink set against a moody dark background…rather sexy, no? Stay tuned for lots more Valentine’s planning ideas over the next couple of weeks. And let me know if y’all have any great gift ideas for guys – I’m having a total mental block on what to get my honey this year! 

*images: {row 1} clémence poésy, bar cart, donuts {row 2} invitations, marseille soap {row 3} peonies, tea, marilyn, jane eyre {row 4} snowball cake, liberty flower market, layer cake, ladurée.


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17 Comments under :: Monochromatic Monday: Chocolate & Peonies
  1. Jjanga says:

    This whole collage makes my mouth water up! Haha I want and love all of the pink and dark contrasts. Plus that chocolate, yummm!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. Silvie says:


    May i ask for some help Camille? I’ve been wanting to DIY the Jane Eyre cover for my penguin edition for a while now… could you possibly make a DIY post for it? Or have you posted something similar that I haven’t come across with?

    Thank You!

    Hav a beautiful week!


    • Camille Styles says:

      Hi Silvie – this is a really interesting idea! Can you tell me a little more about what you’re envisioning? Like a DIY book jacket for books that aren’t so pretty on the outside? Is this the on that you currently have?ë/dp/0142437204

      • Silvie says:

        That’s exactly what I meant! I love to have books around the apartment but sometimes it’s hard to have them on display because of their “looks”… Did you have something in mind? I’m sure it could be fabulous!

        Oh, and the book from the link is not exactly the one I have, I think its’s smaller but I can’t find it online!

        Thank You Camille!


  3. ooooo pretty! That doughnut is especially delightful. I’m a big fan of all of those shades of pink.

  4. Now, that’s what I call a Monday! Lovely! PS: thank you for nice note. Kudos on turning a green smoothie into something delicious.
    Warm wishes from 59 N! Gina

  5. Oh love! I just saw peonies + mustard combo on The Sweetest Occasion blog.

  6. Oh, my! So many delicious pieces of eye candy in this post! You had me at Peonies!
    Have a fabulous Monday. Thank you for the beautiful collection to start this week.

  7. I love this color combination! The rich chocolate tones definitely temper the sweetness of the pale pink.

  8. stunning inspiration! I adore this color palette! x

  9. Lindsey says:

    This is so chic! This officially has me excited for Valentine’s Day.

  10. Gorgeous board… and blog!

  11. dustjacket says:

    I just adore this inspiration collage…really gorgeous!
    xxx dj
    thank you so much for the linkback

  12. Absolutely love this one and I´m not even a fan of pink. Well done! Love all the other moodboards too actually. Really happy to have found you. Anna xx

  13. Loving this blog post despite not being a big lover of all things pink. It’s a very glamorous stylish moodboard you’ve put together here.


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