Monochromatic Monday :: Sunny Days


Do y’all wear yellow very often? I must confess that I never do… but I’ve been craving shades of juicy citrus ever since Chanel posted this yellow dress roundup last month. I’m thinking that August might be the perfect time to infuse a vivid burst of sunshine into wardrobe and entertaining before we kiss summer goodbye (and swap yellow for shades of pumpkin and gold.) Lemon-y popsicles provide sweet relief from the heat, and this ruffly dress has flirtatious appeal to spare. Craspedia and diminutive daisies clustered in a vintage box perfectly reflect summer’s last rays of sunshine.

*images: {row 1} bedroom, bicycle basket, lemon cookies {row 2} lemon centerpiece, fabric swatch {row 3} fabric swatch, macarons, stationery, cocktails {row 4} florals, popsicles, couple.

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5 Responses to “Monochromatic Monday :: Sunny Days”

  1. Amanda Eck

    oh wow! this just made me smile!! and I just heard that the famous Laduree Paris & their awesome macaroons are coming to the US! Lucky NY! they get everything cool!

  2. Kacie

    I love yellow… I also am dying to make/devour those lemon cookies! Yum.

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  3. Camille Styles

    @Amanda – I heard the rumor as well. No fair!! I have a feeling it’ll be a while before Austin gets its Ladurée outpost. ;)

  4. Zsa Zsa

    Oh my god….yellow always makes me smile! These are lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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