Monochromatic Monday :: Water Colors

Aqua_Watercolor_Inspiration_Board I worked on this inspiration board over the weekend, as I stretched out under a big fan on the patio, frosty glass of iced tea in hand, and tried to escape the extreme heat that’s consumed Austin for the better part of July. It’s no surprise that I found myself gravitating towards cool, watery images like an oasis in the desert: turquoise, teal and aqua come together for a palette that’s so refreshing, I just want to gaze and gaze. Wouldn’t this be a lovely combination for a late summer party, when everyone seems to be craving a respite from the heat? Spend an afternoon crafting watercolored invites, don a pair of dangling aquamarine jewels and set the table with white orchids and seashells. I have a feeling that guests may never want to leave…

*images: {row 1} girl in boat, glass, stationery {row 2} bon bon soaps, flowers {row 3} candles, cake, door, ocean {row 4} jewelry, collage, shells.



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2 Responses to “Monochromatic Monday :: Water Colors”

  1. Kate

    So serene and calming! You’re right – it would make a great end of summer get together!


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