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New Year’s Eve :: Wine & Cheese Party

December 28th, 2011

Just when you thought the holiday festivities were winding down…it all starts ramping up again for the revelry of New Year’s Eve. Thought I’d share some inspiration from a holiday dinner party I hosted a couple weeks ago that embraces a slightly more rustic feel – I think it would be absolutely perfect for December 31st. I was so excited when my hubby told me we were hosting his new company’s first holiday party at our house this year, and it gave me a chance to try out a look that’s more masculine that what I’d normally do. (I mean seriously, most of my tables look a little more like this.) The biggest challenge was seating 14 at our dining table…we managed, but it was definitely cozy! Keep reading to see what we served for our Italian feast, and the simple little steps I took to accomplish this look… 


First up: the antipasto. Though I normally wouldn’t dream of setting the table without flowers, for this party, the abundant spread of cheeses, meats, bread, wine and olives became the centerpiece. All you need to complete this, other than the gourmet ingredients, is oversized wooden cutting boards, pretty little bowls and cheese knives.


I decided to keep our white oak table bare, except for simple kraft paper placemats that Chanel and I stamped each guest’s name onto. I added white restaurant-style dishes, these napkins and menu cards that I made by running kraft-colored card stock through a laser printer. For the dinner menu, we served an Italian feast with five small courses: an arugula & pomegranate salad that was inspired by a recent meal at Zuni Café, linguine with fresh tomatoes & mozzarella, butternut squash ravioli, chicken marsala with haricot verts…and for dessert, trays full of lots of little sweet bites like tiramisu and bread pudding.






We stamped little cards with the names of each cheese and wine so guests could appreciate the pairings. It turned out to be such a fun night, full of way too much food, wine and laughter. I personally can’t think of a better way to ring in 2012, can you?

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36 Comments under :: New Year’s Eve :: Wine & Cheese Party
  1. Neda says:

    What a gorgeous party! I love the little details and it’s so wonderful that they are affordable and simple, yet chic. Lovely!

  2. Victoria says:

    Beautifully done and with a masculine tone that’s not too macho! Love it! Pass and Manchego please! My fave!

  3. this is my kind of party… warm, inviting, and rustic. The slightly masculine feel gives off a bit of a sensual air! I like it!

  4. Rowaida Fl says:

    Gorgeous party and setting love the details.
    Best Wishes xo

  5. Feel free to invite me to any of your parties Camille:) Looks perfect as always.
    Amy R.

  6. Renee says:

    What a luxurious theme. I really like those pretty little bowls. Somehow they, and the tiny candles, add a feminine touch to the overall manliness of the table. It’s balanced and beautiful! Perfect!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Lovely! Care to share what kind of stamps you used?

  8. Xio says:

    It is just stunning!! The spread looks amazing and so yummy! As always I can’t help but sigh every time I see pictures of your beautiful home… definetely keeping it in mind when searching for inspiration for my dream home!

  9. Melanie says:

    love it. Santa brought me some gorgeous table decor this year. I can hardly wait to host a party. Who’s available?

  10. Hello Lover says:

    I love this idea! I just emailed my husband to see what he thinks of this for New Years – we’ve been trying to figure out something low key to do with a small group and this is perfect, thanks for sharing!

  11. Phyllis says:

    Simple and stunning at the same time. You guys are so talented, and make everything look wonderful!

  12. Will says:

    Divine, Camille. Just divine!

  13. Elio says:

    Great photos, I have to ask…what model and make camera did you use? Ofh, and the food looks fabulous! @ecamey…Thanks in advance!

  14. Beautiful as always, Camille! You parties have inspired me to host some of my own in 2012. Keep the inspiration coming!

  15. Patti says:

    I love this! Especially the kraft paper with the names stamped on. And as for seating more people around the table than you usually do? I adore doing that. It makes everyone fast friends and tons of laughter ensues.


  16. delia says:

    Stunning! Love how cozy it looks and the food looks delicious 🙂


  17. Okay, I’m kind of freaking out about this and don’t know where to begin. The table looks absolutely stunning. All of that wine and cheese is like a dream. I love the personalized table settings and the cheese labels. I especially love that you got to plan this party for yourself to enjoy! The spread of entrees and starters sounds so tasty and elegant and I bet each dish went perfectly with the wine and cheese. You realize that no one else is ever going to volunteer to host the company party, right? There’s no way anyone could top this! Soo amazing, Camille!!

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  19. Hello Lover says:

    Sorry for the double comment – but I have to ask, how big is your table and how did you manage to squeeze in 14 people? We have hosted Hoildays the last few years and it’s always a problem trying to squeeze people in. I think part of it is that our dining chairs are quite large – but I’d love to hear how you did this!

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  21. Sofia says:

    Fabulous spread!!!

  22. Ann says:

    Deliciously stunning! I can almost feel the fun!

  23. Rebecca says:

    Girl, love this! It’s so simple and completely gorgeous, refined and looks like an incredible time. Love it!!

  24. What a gorgeous party! I don;t know how I missed this post! Love it all! My hubby is Italian and this would be perfect to a family get-together or maybe his next birthday!

  25. Reagan says:

    Love the look and theme! Simplicity is best:)

  26. Linda Landavazo says:

    This party was so well-done, I am sure your husband’s standing shot to the top! I loved the ambience shown in the pictures, and your food selection, table decor, and the whole package was outstanding. I might have to copy!!!

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  28. Maria says:

    oh my gosh, I just saw this post! I am getting married in a little over a month and doing a lot of the paper products myself with my fiancee! I LOVE those menu cards! Can I ask where you got that paper? We are probably going to do it on cream paper with navy letters since our colors are cream, navy and coral. And did you just print the menu cards at home? Thanks in advance!!!

    • Camille Styles says:

      Thanks Maria! I got the kraft paper card stock at Paper Source and printed them out on my home printer. Your color palette sounds absolutely gorgeous!

  29. Jenny D says:

    What a beautiful post and gorgeous photos! Thank you for the inspiration ~ you’re super talented!

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