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August 27th, 2009

Moroccan Mint Tea from decor8; Moroccan tablesetting from Sunday Suppers

September brings cooler nights… fitting for cozy & intimate get-togethers with friends.  Give a dinner party exotic allure by using Moroccan influences in the menu and on the table.  Flickering candlelight creates a sexy vibe… and happens to be the most flattering light for complexions too, so don’t be surprised if all your guests seem to be a bit more radiant than usual.

Moroccan Inspired Table-Style Me Pretty

Fabric printed in Moroccan patterns makes an effortless table linen and serves as a graphic backdrop to this otherwise-minimalist setting.  Using a simple palette of green, black, & white takes Moroccan in a modern direction.

West Elm Drum Table & Graham & Green Lantern

Create a relaxed dining experience by pairing low-slung tables with ottomans and cushions strewn about the floor.  Remember those old-world paintings where everyone at the party is reclining on chaise lounges, draped in swathes of luxurious fabric and having grapes fed to them?  Well… that’s the idea.

Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons, Sunday Suppers

Just look at the vibrant colors in this Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemon, Green Olives, & Golden Raisins, from Sunday Suppers!  Everything cooks together in one pot, which means easy cleanup and an ideal dish for entertaining.  To really up the authenticity, invest in a clay Moroccan tagine that allows the flavors to meld together to create something so divine.

Jars of Preserved Lemon-Thoughtful Day

Preserved lemons are one of Morocco’s most popular condiments and add depth of flavor to fish and poultry dishes (including the Chicken Tagine above.)  What could be a more perfect parting gift than a jar of homemade preserved lemons that sends the scent of Morocco home with your guests?  Get full instructions for this charming project on Sunday Suppers.

Photo Credits {from top, left} Moroccan Mint Tea, decor8; Moroccan Table, Sunday Suppers; Black & White Table, Style Me Pretty; Drum Table, West Elm; Chicken Tagine, Sunday Suppers; Preserved Lemon Labels, Thoughtful Day, shot by Karen Mordechai.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love this!! I’m inspired to throw a Moroccan feast on my patio..fingers crossed that the London weather will hold up!

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