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Style List: Top 10 Totes of Summer

May 5th, 2009


A stylish & functional tote is a summer must-have, and I’ve been looking for the perfect one to carry on my upcoming trip to Italy.  It needs to be roomy enough for magazines, water bottles, and toiletries as my carry-on for the long flight, yet lightweight enough to throw over my shoulder for daytime shopping trips in Capri.  And nothing too delicate… this tote needs to stand up to sand, sun, and even a bit of saltwater.  Here are my ten favorites:

1. Tory Burch “Reva” Ribbon Tote

tory_ribbon_tote*At Tory Burch, $425

2. Lilly Pulitzer “At Ease” Straw Tote

at_ease_straw_tote-lily_pulitzer*At Lilly Pulitzer, $188

3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Canvas Tote

michael_michael_kors-canvas_tote1*At Nordstrom, $178

4. Banana Republic Large Leather Tote

white_leather_tote-br1*At Banana Republic, $98

5. Coach “Bonnie” Canvas Tote


*At Coach, $298

6. Marc Jacobs “Tote-Ally Posh” Tote


*At Piperlime, $228

7. Tory Burch “Ella” Patent Trim Canvas Tote

tory_ella*At Nordstrom, $225

8. Kate Spade “Jitney-Large Coal” Tote


*At Nordstrom, $225

9. Coach “Bonnie” Crossbody Totebonnie_crossbody_tote

*At Coach, $278

10. Longchamp “Le Pliage” Tote

le_pliage_tote_bag-longchamp3*At Nordstrom, $125

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  1. darby says:

    I have the Longchamp bag in black and love it. You are welcome to it for your trip if you want it. Check for Tory Burch totes at Neiman’s last call. They had tons last time I went.

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