Transformed :: The Great Wall

DIY picture frame gallery wall

Hi everyone, Claire here with my latest transformation, and this project just might be my favorite to date. Two weeks ago I asked for your opinion on which gallery wall of frames you liked best, and you all responded with such wonderful ideas that I couldn’t wait to get started. As I began collecting my frames, I kept your suggestions in mind, and soon realized that my home called for a gallery wall that’s slightly more eclectic than the ones I originally posted. So after putting my own personal twist on it, my unadorned wall was transformed into a story of my life, travels, art, and my design aesthetic… making it the perfect entry wall to greet visitors. Keep reading to for an instructional step-by-step!

DIY picture frame gallery wall

DIY picture frame gallery wall

DIY picture frame gallery wall

DIY picture frame gallery wall

  • thrifted old frames
  • nails
  • hammer
  • level
  • pencil
  • spray paint
  • command sticky tabs
  • double sided photo tape
  • personal memorabilia (photo’s, postcards, artwork, etc.)
  1. Center a large frame as your starting point.
  2. Working outward around your central frame, starting placing frames. Then level, mark with a pencil and nail into place.
  3. Once positioned, choose a few scattered frames to remove and spray in the colors of your choice, keeping frame proximity in mind. I chose gold, purple and orange for added color.
  4. Re-hang freshly painted frames, and place art, pictures and personal momentos in the frames of your choosing using double sided photo tape.
  5. Straighten frames, and voila! Your blank wall is now a gallery wall for everyone to enjoy.

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16 Responses to “Transformed :: The Great Wall”

  1. Kate

    Thank you, Claire, that’s very inspiring. I may poach your idea for our powder room walls. This may be a cultural difference (I’m an English transplantee to California), but I was always told that one should hang a horseshoe with the ends pointing up, otherwise the luck runs out. Just a thought!

  2. Color Me Blue

    Wow it looks amazing! I have a large blank wall in my apartment that I’ve been too intimidated to conquer yet, but I think I’m going to start collecting frames and paintings for it! Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Mo

    Wow, I really love the idea. My walls are sad without any decorations so maybe I should also try something like this to cheer them up.

    Coffee and Mo

  4. Silvie

    OMG!! The perfect DIY for the empty wall in my new apartment that I’ve been trying to fill desperately for the last few weeks! THANK YOU!! :) *

  5. erin

    This looks so cool!! Well done!

  6. Supal

    Claire, you did such a great job! I love this! I could never figure out what I would put inside each frame and where I would put each frame. Such great inspiration now!

  7. Kate

    Yay! It looks lovely, Claire.

  8. Pretty Dandy

    Love this wall of colour, texture and inspiration. It really tells a story. Big thumbs up!


  9. The Salvage Snob

    What a beautiful arrangement!! Totally chic. Love the mixture of all the colors and textures, they really work well together.

  10. Annie Hall

    Claire,these walls look great. I hate to hang pictures so thanks for the tips.


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