Transformed :: Wood Plank Wine Rack

Happy Thursday, everyone! Claire here, and you might recall two weeks ago when I asked for your opinions on which wine rack design I should create. Well it certainly wasn’t an easy decision, but after much deliberation I set out to replicate wine rack #3 (and used a patterned, natural piece of wood for added interest). I couldn’t be more excited to share with you the fruits of my labor… and better yet, show you all how to create your own. Keep reading for the full instructional, and I’d love to know what you think! 
wine rack instructional diy wood hanging shelf best easy
wine rack instructional diy wood hanging shelf best easy wine rack instructional diy wood hanging shelf best easy wine rack instructional diy wood hanging shelf best easy wine rack instructional diy wood hanging shelf best easy
  • wooden plank (I used cedar, inexpensive and beautiful)
  • drill press that drills at an angle, with a 1.25″ forstner bit (If you don’t have access to a forstner bit or drill press, go to a local hardware store and use their standard drill saw. This will make your bottles vertical rather than angled.)
  • sandpaper
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  1. Cut plank to 36″ x 3.5″ x 1″ (this can vary slightly depending on wood, amount of wine to hold, etc.)
  2. Mark where the holes will be drilled. If you are drilling at a 30 degree angle, leave about 4″ of space between holes
  3. Drill bottle holes
  4. Sand off pencil marks and rough edges to smooth
  5. Paint, stain and/or shellac if desired
  6. There are numerous ways to hang your shelf. For a heavy shelf, I recommend L brackets or pelican brackets.

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51 Responses to “Transformed :: Wood Plank Wine Rack”

  1. Jess

    Whoa! Soooooo neat! I love it, Claire!

  2. Supal

    Wow, never would have thought this to be so easy. Thanks Claire!

  3. { Taylor Moseley }

    This is very creative! Wine is usually stored sideways (because you want to keep the wine in contact with the cork to keep the cork from shrinking and letting air in), but this achieves the same effect and it looks totally unique! Very nice!

  4. Elisha

    I love this! And it seems fairly simple to make!

  5. Kate

    Lovely job!

  6. Camille Styles

    Agreed – Claire did such an amazing job on this project. And so eco-friendly to reclaim an old piece of wood and transform into something so useful!

  7. Nelson

    Looks minimalist and stylish – nice! – and there are no brackets visible in your pictures, what did *you* use to hang the shelf and support all that weight?

  8. Lisa R.

    Aside from being useful, I love how this looks on the wall. Very architectural and interesting!

  9. Ari

    Can we see how you attached this to the wall?
    7 bottles are quite heavy.

  10. Martin

    I just built this myself. The holes do not need to be as big at 1 1/2″. Slightly smaller would hold things a bit better.

    Also – would LOVE to see how you mounted this to the wall.

  11. mueh

    Please, please! give me a picture and/or instructions of the side that comes to the wall – im so stupid i cant find out myself :-( so i will never get this amazing look. Help…

  12. mariana

    Hi. Many of us are wondering how the rack is attached to the wall, since, no doubt, its minimalistic look is enhanced by its floating on the wall. I’m amongst the crowd that will highly appreciate a detailed explanation on hanging this superb rack onto the wall. THANKS in advance and god bless your creativity and sharing.

  13. Pudlo

    Great concept but please stop teasing us ALL about the mounting. The floating shelf is what I want, no L bracket please…

    Thanks in advance!!

  14. Jessica

    I love this….my kitchen is a tuscian winery setting and this would go perfect. Thank you for the great idea, I would have never thought about that!!!!

  15. Marie-Christine

    Great concept! I was wondering how you were able to fix the shelf to the wall without brackets?

  16. Manuel

    I would like to see the instructions how it is attached to the wall, or the items used for example kind of brackets, screws etc,
    Many thanks!!!!!!!!!

  17. Michael

    add me to the list of people that are curious as to how you went about making the floating mount with a solid piece of wood.

  18. Elysia

    I love the look of this wine shelf. Very beautiful and creative.

    I was perplexed however that in the few years since this post was published you have never addressed anyone’s requests for your hanging methodology. Upon closer inspection of the picture though it would seem that it has been edited to remove the brackets used to hang it on the wall. So your final product doesn’t quite have the floating characteristic implied by the picture. But still – very nice shelf. I do think you should include a picture with the hardware so everyone can get an idea of what that would look like.

  19. Alex Schneider

    i will be building one of these and my plan is to get some pole barn nails (there like 10″ long) nail them half way into the studs so its sticking out cut the head off the nail pre drill the wine rack and slid it onto the nails. love the look cant wait to have it done.


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