Weekend Notes


Ahhh, the weekend! In my dreams, I wake up to blueberry pancakes in bed with a long, unscheduled Saturday stretching before me…in reality, the team and I are already hard at work, prepping for today’s French-inspired Baby Shower shoot for HGTV. Not that I’m complaining; I really can’t wait to see how this one comes together! Think black & white toile with splashes of girly pink, kind of like this inspiration board. Will do my best to share some sneak peeks via Instagram today (you can follow me @camillestyles.) What’s on all of your agendas? If you’re not working, get some major relaxation in for me, will ya? And as always, enjoy a few of my favorite links from the week

Cheesecake cupcakes

or how ’bout cakes from cans!

A perfectly glam tea party.

What’s your perfect date night?

Making this for a dinner party tonight.

All the guests wore hearts.

A great mantra.

Can’t believe all the great book recommendations that came pouring in!

Ralph channeling Downton is my kinda heaven.

*photo: Crystal Cartier

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8 Responses to “Weekend Notes”

  1. GawgusThings

    Really love the Letterpress prints!

    Have a great weekend :)

    Emma x

  2. carmen

    You ahd me with the cheesecake cupcake’s pic…

  3. Eric

    Thanks for the link to the Tea Party! Love your blog!

  4. Camille Styles

    You’re so welcome Eric – that shoot was absolutely GORGEOUS! xx

  5. dustjacket

    Mmm blueberry pancakes, delish … cheesecake cupcakes, yes please!
    thanks so much for the link,
    xxx dj

    • Camille Styles

      I’ve been so inspired by your site lately! xo

  6. Jessica

    Your weekend sounds amazing! Thanks for the inspo :)


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